[Infographic] How Is Aluminium Made?

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By Visual Capitalist

Aluminium is one of our most widely-used metals, found in everything from beer cans to aeroplane parts. However, lightweight metal doesn’t occur naturally, and producing it is a complex process. These infographics use data from the USGS, Aluminium Leader, and other sources to break down the three stages of aluminium production.

The three stages of aluminium production

Each year, the world produces around 390 million tonnes of bauxite rock, and 85% of it is used to make aluminium. Bauxites are rocks composed of aluminium oxides along with other minerals and are the world’s primary source of aluminium. After mining, bauxite is refined into alumina, which is then converted into aluminium. Therefore, aluminium typically goes from ore to metal in three stages. Click here to read the infographic’s full description.

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