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    I Noticed Twitter Is Slowly Making My Presence In The Platform Irrelevant

    Since I’m not a Twitter Blue subscriber, my presence and tweets are no longer welcome.

    My Twitter feed has gone crazy. The chaos is pretty much unbearable. First, I no longer see tweets from those I follow. Almost all the tweets I see on my feed are those who subscribed to Twitter Blue. Although many of them do not display the blue verification next to their name, I know they are subscribing to it.

    Second, my tweets’ engagement numbers are gradually decreasing. It means that not many people are able to see them. No matter how inspiring the content is, there won’t be eyeballs reading it. Period. And finally, I also read somewhere that says that Musk is going to introduce a Content Subscription tab that allows Twitter Blue subscribers to park their premium content there and eventually earn money from their own respective followers who wish to subscribe to those premium content.

    Musk is desperately looking to monetise Twitter in a big way, that’s pretty clear to me. Desperate time requires desperate measures. That being said, his game plan is to ensure those who subscribed to Twitter Blue and Verified Organisation will have their tweets a ‘guaranteed’ place on the main feed of the platform while the free users will be parked aside and their tweets won’t be seen by many people including their followers.

    Guess what, even if you want to cast your vote on Twitter, you need to subscribe to Twitter Blue. So if you are a free user, you simply just can’t vote.

    These are just a few preliminary scenarios I see happening right now. Since I’ve already deleted Twitter on my mobile devices and Macbook, my presence on Twitter, the way I look at it, is going to be numbered. Yup, there is no point in staying. I’m going to phase myself and my companies out of the platform soon.


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