I Decided To Delete All Social Media Apps On My Mobile Because They’re Wasting Time

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

That’s right, I deleted LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter apps from my mobile devices two days ago. And I feel really great. I feel calmer too. For the last couple of days, I’ve accomplished more than my typical days. I write more articles daily. And I completed a thorough research of a company that I’m going to purchase next month too. Not just that, I also enjoy better quality time with my wife and children, especially during meals.

I completely phased myself out from Instagram back in 2021. It has been more than a year now and for now, there’s no turning back for me. I never miss it. With LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook now completely gone from my mobile devices, I have more time to produce content and grow my authority on search engines and newsletters. This also would mean that I will only be available on social media when I power my laptop on. Despite cutting a major time on social media, my followers are still growing at a decent pace. At one point yesterday, I whispered to myself saying that I should’ve done this years ago. I felt like I had overspent my time on social platforms in the name of ‘networking’.

I don’t have intentions to completely phase myself out of all social media just yet, but in the next 12 months, I can safely say that I will no longer be as active as I used to be. Maybe I am at the age where things out there are more fun than what’s on the screen.

. . .

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