How Writing One Article A Day Helps Make My Thought Process Structured

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

As a marketing strategist and entrepreneur, having a structured thought process helps me to ‘see’ things clearer. In today’s fast-paced world, where information flows incessantly and distractions abound, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to maintain clarity of thought and structure in our lives. Being a writer, I have discovered a powerful tool that has transformed my thought process and helped me cultivate structure in my thinking—writing one article a day. In this article, I will share my personal experience and discuss how this daily writing habit has positively impacted my cognitive abilities, enhanced my communication skills and fostered a more structured thought process.

The act of writing itself requires discipline, focus, and a coherent flow of ideas. It doesn’t matter whether it is a short or a long one, when I commit to writing one article every day, it forces me to organise my thoughts effectively. Before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, I must first gather and arrange my ideas coherently. The flow is critical to me so that the story can be understood better in one go. This practice instils a sense of structure in my thought process as I develop a clear outline and map out the logical progression of my arguments. By refining my ability to organise and structure information, I am better equipped to think critically and present my ideas in a more coherent manner.

Regular writing exercises have significantly enhanced my problem-solving abilities. Each article presents a unique topic or challenge that requires research, analysis, and creative thinking. Through this process, I have learned to approach problems systematically, breaking them down into manageable components and exploring potential solutions that make sense. Writing regularly exposes me to a variety of subjects, expanding my knowledge and enabling me to approach problems from different perspectives. This multidimensional thinking fosters a more structured and comprehensive thought process, allowing me to approach challenges with clarity and creativity.

Writing one article a day has also improved my analytical thinking skills. As I delve into diverse subjects and explore their intricacies, I engage in critical analysis and evaluation. This daily exercise demands that I assess information, weigh different viewpoints, and develop evidence-based arguments. Through the process of writing, I am constantly challenging my own assumptions and biases, encouraging a more structured and systematic approach to problem-solving. The discipline of writing regularly has trained me to think critically and analytically, enabling me to make more informed decisions in all aspects of life.

In addition, writing has also helped me to become a better communicator. I have learned how to structure my thoughts clearly and concisely, and how to express my ideas in a way that is both persuasive and engaging. I have also become more adept at using evidence to support my claims, and at anticipating and addressing counterarguments.

Clear, crisp and effective communication is an essential skill in today’s interconnected world. By writing an article every day, I have sharpened my ability to articulate my thoughts and ideas with better clarity. The act of translating abstract concepts into written words has forced me to refine my communication style and convey complex ideas in a concise and understandable manner. This practice has had a profound impact on my verbal communication skills as well, allowing me to express myself more confidently and persuasively in various settings. Writing daily has cultivated a structured and systematic approach to communication, ensuring that my message is conveyed with clarity and impact.

Contrary to popular belief, structure does not stifle creativity; rather, it provides a solid framework within which creativity can flourish. My daily writing habit has allowed me to strike a balance between structure and innovation. While adhering to the discipline of writing an article each day, I have the freedom to explore diverse topics, experiment with different writing styles, and infuse my work with creativity. The structured thought process developed through daily writing acts as a springboard for imaginative thinking, enabling me to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Writing one article a day has proven to be a transformative practice, shaping my thought process and enhancing my cognitive abilities. Through this daily exercise, I have cultivated the skills of organising thoughts, solving problems, thinking analytically, communicating effectively, and fostering creativity. The discipline and structure inherent in this practice have permeated.

Where am I parking all my articles? Well, being a strategist I am very particular about where to put all my insights. The platform I choose must bring enormous benefits back to me. First, I thought of hosting them on Medium. Then I found out that the platform didn’t have an earning program for writers from Malaysia. LinkedIn? It is a great platform but its algorithm somehow doesn’t prioritise long-form content. Instead, they are prioritising content via direct posting more. 

Since Facebook is toxic and too noisy and Twitter is now a pay-to-play platform, I thought of heading towards a newsletter platform such as ConvertKit. It seems that they too do not support any earning program for creators from Malaysia.  

After hitting a few walls, I decided to host all my write up on a new content-sharing platform called 300th. It is a platform based in Asia. They are similar to YouTube but for writers. All I have to do is to create my own channel there and upload my articles regularly. So far, the platform is treating me well. There are engagements and I managed to get 4 email subscribers from it. According to its FAQs, the more email subscribers I have, the better reach my content is going to get as they will get a notification each time the content is published. This August, they are introducing an earning program for writers. And this is awesome.

There you go. Try to write your thoughts in a long-form once a day and publish them on the website. It doesn’t matter whether the website is yours or a third party’s. What’s important is, you need to balance your social media presence with the search engine side through writing so that you can be found on the internet from your articles.

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