How To Make Your Going-Global Dreams Come True Using The Internet Way

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Some entrepreneurs, despite their limited resources, are able to push their products and services to the world. Indeed, expanding our business globally can be a dream come true for some of us, yet it is not that easy if we do not have the knowledge of how to do it creatively.

Thanks to the internet, the path has mostly been cleared for us to do it. Perhaps there are about 20 to 30 per cent of work needs to be done in order for us to make our global journey a reality. Let me share with you a number of critical elements you need to prepare before executing your going-global plan.

Solve a problem with a product or service that caters to a larger-scale community

You may have nailed it in your country. Solving a problem using your product or service for the local community is great. Now what you need to do is to observe whether the same problem that you’re solving involves people from other countries or not. This is probably the first step towards going global. Identify a similar pattern beyond your country. 

Then you will have a shot at success. 

In order to do this, you need to thoroughly conduct market research to fully grasp the scenarios. You may know that your product or service does provide a unique and valuable solution that sets it apart from competitors however the demand you’re seeing in your country may be different than what the rest of the world is looking for. Perhaps your product or service requires a tweak here and there if you are serious about entering the countries you’re targeting at.

Ensure the buyers’ journey can be done online

Everyone knows that an online presence is crucial for success in the global market. Your buyers’ journey should be fully online, allowing customers from anywhere in the world to discover, research, and purchase your products or services with ease. 

To do this, you may need to invest in a user-friendly and intuitive website or mobile app that showcases your offerings effectively. Implementing robust e-commerce functionality, including secure payment gateways, streamlined checkout processes, and responsive customer support, are extremely important. A seamless online experience will enhance customer satisfaction, boost conversion rates, and establish your brand’s credibility in the global market.

Make your product or service relevant to encourage repeat business

To build a loyal global customer base, it is vital to make your product or service relevant to their needs. Take the time to understand the gap your target markets are complaining about. Observe the possible solution for it that rightfully align with their values and expectations. Regularly seek customer feedback and use it to improve and refine your products or services to make them better. I’m confident that by consistently delivering meaningful value and staying attuned to your customer’s evolving needs, you will foster long-term relationships and encourage repeat business easily.

Provide a fully online payment method for a seamless purchasing experience

When it comes to global transactions, providing a fully online payment method is damn essential. International customers are sophisticated customers. They expect a secure, convenient, and hassle-free purchasing experience. One slightest issue they encounter, that is it. They will walk away and you won’t see them ever again. 

The payment options you put forward are critical here. Offer a variety of online payment options, including online payment systems, credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and local payment methods popular in different regions. Ensure your payment gateway is secure and compliant with global standards to build trust and confidence among customers. Simplify the checkout process by minimizing steps and reducing friction points. 

Make sure the payment process is super smooth and efficient. Your customers will love you for that. When they love you more, they will spend more money on you which will ultimately drive higher sales for your company.


This is also another crucial element for you to consider before heading out to the global market. This topic is vast and you need to understand in detail how best to integrate the best elements within the marketing ecosystem that will work for your company. Here, we are talking about branding, content development, social networking, search engine optimisation, (D)OOH, email marketing, affiliate marketing, influencers, media play and a few others. In the end, you need to take advantage of these elements for you to generate leads which eventually are to be converted into paid customers.

Retention is key too. It is a strategy on how to make those paid customers stay loyal and keep on buying your product or service for as long as possible. At this stage, powerful customer service play must be put in place to support your retention strategy. Get help if you must, as marketing is not as simple as you might think it is.

To recap

Making your going-global dreams come true requires a careful and thorough consideration of several key factors. By solving a problem with a product or service related to the global community, ensuring a completely online buyers’ journey, making your offering relevant to customers worldwide, and providing a seamless online payment method, you can position your business for success in the global market. 

Not to mention, what you are selling is extremely important too. It has to be strategic if you really want to scale while doing the least work possible.

By embracing the opportunities of going global, and with the right strategies in place, you can unlock completely new horizons for your business and for yourself as well. And with the power of the internet and e-commerce, the process of going global can be fast-track easily. Before executing the journey, equipped yourself with the knowledge and information first. It is okay to take a little time to plan it accordingly. 

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