How To Be A Good Driver

ByMohd Azad Jasmi

“What is the Most Difficult Technique in Driving? Someone asked me “Hello Bro, I want to learn how to drive. and Can you tell me what is the most difficult technique?”

“Sure,” I answered. “But before that, try to guess.”

He guessed rally. I said no.

He guessed drifting. I said no.

He guessed the endurance race technique. I said no.

He guessed Gymkhana and even mentioned left foot brake, late braking, opposite lock, and trail braking.

Then I said, “The most difficult and challenging technique is to control the driver’s ego.”

Many drivers are involved in various incidents, in addition to negligence and divine determination, due to the difficulty of controlling their egos. Whether on the highway or on the race track. Ego not only ruins the driver but also damages oneself when “leading” oneself, family, and company. Let’s avoid being egotistical on the road.

The effects of this egoistic behavior cannot be ignored. The desire to show off the vehicle, show off driving skills, show off the sound of the exhaust, want to impress passengers, and sometimes be “excited” with a newly purchased or upgraded car or motorcycle.

Arrogance or ego means magnifying oneself because the heart feels superior, special, and great. It is the ugliest inner quality. In fact, it is a very evil inner quality. However, if we hold onto the recent study by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), we have strong reasons to be worried about the behavior of our drivers.

The study measured the level of aggression of 5,248 drivers of various vehicles in more than 103 districts throughout the country. Our drivers are easily angered and unable to control their emotions while driving. Based on the study, 18 percent or 2.4 million of our 13.3 million drivers fall into the high-level anger category. Their behavior turns aggressive to the point of resorting to bullying other road users or chasing the driver who provoked them.

Patience is part of faith, but it is considered no more than a slogan. Our drivers are easily angered, partly due to the bad behavior of other drivers, rude and impolite driving, the presence of the police, slow driving, and roadblocks. A few drivers feel provoked if other drivers cut in front of their vehicles or drive too slowly. If our drivers maintain good behavior, discipline, and emotions, surely, the number of bullying cases and accidents on the road will not explode.

Let’s reflect and improve ourselves. We need to be aware and acknowledge that we are human beings who are very weak and vulnerable. All the greatness and advantages that we possess are gifts from Him and can be taken back at any time, even if we drive a million-ringgit car. We cannot defy the law of physics.

Safety first, last and always.

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