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    How The COVID-19 Pandemic Helps Us To Reformat The Definition Of Values In Life

    These are among the good things that happened.

    What are values? Simply put, values are defined as a measure based on human perspectives on something and are highly subjective. This is because it depends solely on human thinking, whether in groups or individually. Human thinking is always subjective to the environment in which humans live. The human environment is always changing from time to time.

    Therefore, the value system will also always change as a result of changes in thinking influenced by changes in the environment. Based on our understanding, we can say that the value system is an abstract and subjective concept.

    How COVID-19 has taught us about defining the value of something?

    The pandemic has shown me various examples of life. In particular, it has revealed insight into specific qualities that I could have neglected or dismissed previously.

    The coronavirus has completely altered our lives. We had no idea that the lockdown would last for months, then for a year, and eventually completely transform our lives. We began telecommuting, universities and schools began online classes, and we saw a few memorable changes like tenth sheets getting dropped.

    We were terrified by COVID-19, but it also helped us see the world from a different perspective. We’ve all been through the phase where we discovered our inner MasterChefs, created Nasi Goreng and Nasi Minyak, tried many other delicacies to quench our hunger, and so on. I tried to become Azad Ramsay for myself.

    What are those life lessons that the pandemic taught me then?

    1. Importance of self-reliance. The pandemic was a wake-up call regarding lockdowns and taking control of our own homes. We came to the realisation of how reliant we have always been on those who care for us, our homes, and our health. We realised how much we relied on our domestic help to do everything from housework to dishes and laundry. Although the world was indeed brought to its knees by the coronavirus, it also demonstrated the importance of empathy. We have unquestionably acquired some skills and become more self-reliant than ever before after being trapped at home for more than a year.
    2. Family is the strongest institution. We’ve also realised how important our family is to us. During this scary time, a lot of people stayed alone, and they talked about how hard it was to live far away from home and always worried about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Those at home talked about how they connected with their families. Some practised their cooking, assisted with other household chores, and played board games. The one thing that they all agreed on was that this pandemic helped them connect with loved ones and reduce their social distance.
    3. Little things matter a lot. Nobody knew when their worlds would collapse and they would be grounded for months. We failed to appreciate the small things because we were so preoccupied with the larger events. People who lost their sense of smell and taste as a result of COVID-19 talked about how much they enjoyed eating at home once they recovered. How they enjoyed being in the same room as their family and bonding over games, and how an intense workout never felt better. These are the insignificant things that we once took for granted but now look forward to every day. We need to show them how much we value them and be thankful for what we have.
    4. The most important thing is your mental health. Humans are social creatures who rely on one another for emotional support and comfort. While that is a need of great importance, it’s essential to remain associated with friends and family in these dubious times. Healthy eating and regular exercise can increase serotonin levels and give you a boost of energy. Avoiding spreading fake news is another way to take care of our minds. By sharing positive content and keeping our spirits up during difficult times, we can lift one another up.
    5. Kindness goes a long way. We never understand what somebody is going through so being caring to each person is ideal. Giving someone a kind word, assisting the elderly, purchasing groceries for a sick neighbour, or simply sharing verified information on social media can all save lives! We have been frustrated and enraged by this pandemic; if we can do our part to spread joy, that will also bring us peace. Counting your blessings and being grateful can help you relax.
    6. The value of low oil prices is not entirely valuable during COVID-19 Lockdown. If we need to lockdown for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, you are given 5 luxury cars for free to use, such as Porsche GT3 RS, Pagani Huayra, Audi Quattro Sports Group B Corsican Specs, Lancia Delta Integrale Evo Monte Carlo Specs, and Cullinan for example, with full tank, then there is no value for us during the lockdown. So the value of a suitable item depends on time and conditions. If we are healthy during the lockdown, there is no value. Even more so if we are sick.
    7. Face masks and hand sanitisers are more sought after than the latest iPhone.
    8. The value of Gardenia bread is in demand more than the popular celebrities. If there is a group of celebrities and a group of Gardenia bread trucks, humans will rush towards the Gardenia truck.
    9. First-class plane tickets to travel around the world with a 10-star hotel room do not mean as much as the opportunity to enter a supermarket to buy household necessities.
    10. News from Malaysia’s Ministry of Health is more eagerly awaited than sensational news from politicians.
    11. Gossip and negative stories are not given attention, and the focus is on dealing with the Covid-19 problem.
    12. Political ideologies and ethnicity are set aside for the sake of saving lives.
    13. We begin to prioritise the needs of the national healthcare system over tall building projects in the country’s budget.
    14. We value time spent with family more than having fun outside.
    15. People begin to approach the Creator and reflect on themselves because they see death as near.
    16. People start to re-evaluate personal hygiene.
    17. If in the past, people lined up and crowded to buy football tickets, cinema tickets, and concert tickets, now cinema tickets, concert tickets for popular world-famous groups or singers or matches of world teams have no value compared to the opportunity to queue to enter a supermarket to buy necessities.

    These are just some examples of how humans place a high value on something that may have been previously neglected. These are among the good things that happened. If we look at our lives, they are still going on, but some people are complaining because they cannot fulfil their “wants” and not “needs”. What we need in life can actually be achieved. So many things are “wasted” in terms of time, conversation, money and actions that do not lead to real life.

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