Guess What, This Is The Best Business Model Ever

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Frankly, I just stumbled upon his YouTube channel actually. From the video, he is indeed a super hardworking dude. His work quality is totally awesome too. His name is Spencer, and he runs a lawn-moving services company called SB Mowing in Wichita, one of the cities in Kansas, United States. 

If you check all his videos on his YouTube channel, he practically goes around and mows people’s lawns for free. And in one of his videos, he said that this is the best business model ever. Check out one of his videos here.


I can’t actually recall which one but in one video, Spencer did talk to himself pretty loud that this is the best business model ever. At first, I don’t quite get it. How come giving services away for free to people is the best business model ever? Then I started digging.

Ah, he makes his money from a few other sources with videos he’s making when he mows people’s lawns. Now everything is making perfect sense now. So each time when his offer is accepted, he will run a video from the beginning till the end of his work there. Perhaps towards the end of the day, when he’s home or in the office, he will edit the video and upload it on YouTube.

According to Joshua Smith, a Work With Joshua blogger who researched a little about Spencer and his gig, Spencer is making 70 per cent of his money from YouTube ads and the rest are basically coming from donations, affiliate links and sponsors. In total according to Joshua, Spencer is raking approximately $11,700 per month as of early May 2023. Usually, the money from YouTube and affiliate are growing by the month since the number of views and clicks fluctuate, and they are passive in nature. It seems that Spencer is right, his business model is not just the best—but awesome too.

Feel free to check out Spencer’s videos. They are seriously addictive.

And I am already a junkie of all his videos, really.

. . .

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