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    Google Play Games On PC Is Now Available In Europe And New Zealand

    It is part of an ongoing effort to bring the gaming experience to a wider audience.

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    Android gaming is becoming more and more popular. Netflix has greatly expanded its mobile game selection, while specialized consoles are now available for purchase too. Google recently rolled out its Play Games feature for PC in a few selected regions, after a successful beta launch. The service has now been expanded to Japan as well so that gamers can enjoy their favourite titles on more powerful hardware.

    Google Play Games for PC is now available in Europe and New Zealand, as part of an ongoing effort to bring the gaming experience to a wider audience. Thanks to this new feature, gamers will be able to access their favourite mobile titles on PCs that they may not have been able to enjoy before.

    9to5Google has reported that the beta version of certain services has now been launched in 42 new countries, an impressive feat that brings the total to 56. The company had previously mentioned they’d roll out the beta to more regions during 2021. After being available in only 14 countries, Google Play Games for PC can now be accessed across most European nations. These include the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

    Google Play Games for PC is heading towards the go-to platform for gamers, as it features a wide selection of exciting titles such as 1945 Air Force, Blade Idle and Cookie Run: Kingdom. Plus, new games are regularly added to keep you entertained and engaged.

    To enjoy the gaming suite, your Windows 10 computer should have a minimum of an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU, 4-core CPU, 8GB RAM and 10GB SSD storage. The requirements are not particularly demanding so you can easily get your PC ready to play.

    To use this software, you must possess Windows administrative privileges and hardware virtualization should be enabled on the machine. You should be aware that controllers do not currently function on Google Play Games for PC as these games have been created in a way that makes them optimally compatible with keyboard input.

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