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    Getting Better At First Drafts

    Reason why this profession is unlike any other.

    I say this a lot: Write first, edit later.

    The creative process is a dramatic adventure. Often it starts with being clueless about how to move a step forward. The only way? Cut the chatter in your mind, and move.

    “What if it’s bad?” you say…

    It’s supposed to be bad. First drafts are meant to be a raw output from your mind, knowledge, perspective, and personal experiences. First drafts were never meant to be perfect. And if you tried to strike at perfection, you’re first perfect draft would be overtaken by others at a thousand crappy drafts.

    Repetition is key. The more you get comfortable with creating, the more output you will have. Which also means the more reps you will do. And what happens when you do a thing, many many many times?

    You get really good.

    However, there’s a caveat. Copywriting isn’t only about being super creative. It’s more about being able to speak to your prospects in a deep manner, so that they feel understood. It’s not easy.

    You’ll spend a lifetime doing research. Every day is an opportunity to observe and learn what makes humans do, think, or feel. And how can you use that to inspire action.

    The experience you get from learning and living life will vastly improve your first drafts. Couple with a habit of writing… it’s not impossible, that you’ll get so good, your first drafts look gorgeous.

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