Generation Z Connects: Kids Spend 60% More Time on TikTok

ByThe Counter Journal

Qustodio, a leading provider of online safety and digital wellbeing solutions for families, has released its 5th Annual Report, titled “Born Connected: The Rise of the AI Generation.” This comprehensive study delves into the app usage and technology habits of children aged 4-18 across the globe, offering valuable insights into their screen time, social media activity, gaming preferences, and emerging trends in artificial intelligence (AI) exploration.

Key Findings:

  • TikTok reigns supreme: With a global average of 112 minutes per day, TikTok remains the most captivating platform for children, surpassing YouTube (57 minutes/day) despite the latter’s position as the top streaming app. UK children demonstrate an even stronger affinity for TikTok, clocking in an average of 127 minutes per day.
  • Video consumption on the rise: Children are spending significantly more time glued to videos, recording a 27% increase in daily video consumption compared to 2022.
    Twitter/X finds new fans: Despite a turbulent year and a rebranding, Twitter/X witnessed a surprising 27% surge in popularity among children.
  • Mobile gaming takes a breather: Overall mobile gaming declined by 8% in 2023. However, Roblox continues to dominate, capturing an average of 130 minutes per day from children worldwide, outpacing all other app categories.
  • Snapchat tops communication charts: While WhatsApp retains its crown as the most popular communication app, Snapchat edges it out in terms of daily engagement, with children spending an average of 74 minutes on the platform.
  • AI sparks curiosity: Australian children lead the way in AI experimentation, with 24% using OpenAI compared to a global average of 19.6%.

Insights Beyond Numbers:

The report goes beyond mere statistics, incorporating surveys and interviews with families actively involved in their children’s digital wellbeing. This qualitative data sheds light on the challenges and opportunities parents face in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. It also showcases the tools and methods they use to navigate online safety and foster healthy digital habits in their children.

Global Reach and Impact:

Based on data from over 400,000 families and schools across the US, UK, France, Spain, Australia, and other major markets, Qustodio’s report provides a comprehensive overview of children’s digital lives on a global scale. This valuable information empowers parents, educators, and policymakers to make informed decisions about online safety and digital education in an increasingly connected world.

About Qustodio:

Qustodio is a world leader in online safety and digital wellbeing, offering a cross-platform solution to protect children from online harm and promote healthy digital habits. Available in over 180 countries and 8 languages, Qustodio’s tools empower families and schools to navigate the digital world with confidence and ease.

By understanding the trends and insights highlighted in Qustodio’s annual report, we can better equip our children with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a world shaped by technology and artificial intelligence.

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