Gen Z Ditches Suits for Comfort in China’s Workplace Rebellion

News Asia 360
ByNews Asia 360

In a sartorial revolution, young Chinese professionals are throwing out the rulebook and rocking their pajamas to the office. This trend, gaining steam on social media, sees Gen Z employees prioritizing comfort over traditional office attire.

Social media threads showcase the “workwear” – think sweatpants, sleepwear, and anything that screams “straight-out-of-bed” chic. Photos of pyjama pants, fluffy slippers, and snuggly socks accompany explanations of this unconventional “office look.”

The movement sparked when a Douyin user, Kendou S, posted a video of her workday attire: a brown sweater over plaid pajamas, complete with a quilted jacket and slippers. Her boss, according to the video, disapproved, calling it “gross” and unbefitting of the company image.

But comfort reigns supreme for this generation. “I just wear what I want,” declared Luo to The New York Times. The 30-year-old interior designer echoes the sentiment of many. “I just sit down all day. Why spend money on work clothes?”

This trend aligns with the broader “lying flat” movement in China, where young professionals prioritize a relaxed, uncomplicated life. It’s a response to concerns about slowing economic growth and limited job opportunities, according to The New York Times.

Despite the unconventional attire, these young workers emphasize that their comfort doesn’t compromise their work ethic. Interestingly, this trend isn’t limited to China. Reports suggest American Gen Z is embracing similar workplace casualness, and the global work-from-home shift during the pandemic likely fueled a more relaxed approach to office attire.

Whether this pajama revolution becomes the new office norm remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: comfort is taking center stage in the wardrobes of China’s young workforce.

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