Gaza Death Port: In 8 hours, America shipped excavators and bulldozers to Gaza

ByThe Counter Journal

America is building a temporary port on the Gaza beach. They claim it will be used to deliver aid. But activists and analysts are in doubt. 

Israel blames UN for not distributing aid

Aid for Gaza has been piling up at the border, with lines of trucks waiting to enter Gaza. What’s stopping them are Israeli citizens protected by IOF soldiers. 

But Israel has recently blamed the UN for not distributing the piling aid. 

Israeli citizens claim that the aid must not enter because “it will only feed Hamas.” And that the survivors only require the necessities. 

The American funded port

Not only has the US-funded this port, but it has sent resources to build it too. Excavators and bulldozers were shipped to Gaza in under 8 hours. 

In record time, trucks carrying construction materials and equipment can enter Gaza. But not the trucks carrying aid supplies. 

The speed of this operation has alarmed many activists, political analysts, and humanitarian organisations who have been calling to end the Gaza genocide.

What is this “humanitarian” port actually for?

Right now, Palestinians are waiting at the borders of Gaza for aid from Egypt. Their closest neighbour. Not all Palestinians are given access. 

Reports show that private companies are extorting Palestinians, at the border, desperate to flee into Egypt. 

Analysts and activists worry that if this port exists, then the Egyptian border may be closed, and the exile of the remaining Palestinians may take place through the American-built port. 

Furthermore, resources from Palestine can be exported through the port into the US. This is not the first case of the US stealing resources from countries they’ve bombed. 

Gaza Marine is rich in natural gas

Off the coast of the Gaza Strip, a natural gas field was found 36 kilometres away at a depth of 2,000 feet. The field was discovered by BG Group in 2000.

It’s estimated that the field contains 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 

The rubble used to build the port

According to Sarah Wilkinson, an activist on X, the rubble is taken from Palestinian homes that were destroyed. 

Many Palestinians are still missing and many died under the rubble. Right now, Palestinians have no equipment to pull the bodies out of the heavy rubble. It’s unclear how many of the dead remain under the destroyed homes and buildings. 

The port will be built using the rubble containing the remains of Palestinians. 



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