From Busking to Police Stations: China’s Discipline Methods Gaining Attention

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ByNews Asia 360

Key Takeaways: 

  • Parents in China are using innovative ways to discipline their children.

  • One approach involved a boy making money to compensate for damaging school property, teaching him responsibility.

  • Another example used a large language model to help a child cope with being bullied.

  • These unique methods are sparking discussions about new parenting styles.

A Chinese family’s unique approach to discipline has gone viral, sparking discussion about innovative parenting styles.

The story centers on an eight-year-old boy who damaged a school wall with drawings. To take responsibility for his actions, the boy, with his parents’ support, performed as a street musician for three days to raise the 300 yuan ($42) needed to compensate the school.

This method of having the child directly experience the consequences of his actions resonated with many online commenters.

They praised the parents for not just punishing the boy, but also for turning it into a learning opportunity that fostered responsibility and ownership. Some even saw the busking as a potential confidence booster and a chance to improve the boy’s musical skills.

This isn’t the first time a creative parenting approach has gained attention in China.

Last year, a mother with a PhD in computer science used a large language model, ChatGPT, to help her son deal with being laughed at after falling off his skateboard.

The AI chatbot’s objective perspective on the situation comforted the child, offering validation and a sense of fairness.

Another example involved a mother taking her son to the police station after he was rude.

The experience, intended to impress upon the child the importance of respect, sparked conversation about alternative methods for teaching respect and social skills.


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