Football But On Bike? The Interesting Cycle Ball Sport



Do you like football but feel like it is too easy for you? If you would like something more challenging, give the cycle ball a try! The post above appeared on X in November and managed to gain 3.6 million views, probably due to the novelty of knowledge. 

Cycle Ball: How To?

The game is also known as “radball” and is played similarly to normal soccer except for the part where you have to move the ball while you’re riding a bike. Whew! 

There would be two teams competing against each other but each team only consist of two players. Most competitions for cycle balls take place indoors, however, the game can be played both indoors and outdoors. The place setting is rather small—about the size of half a basketball court. The entire area is enclosed within a low barrier, which serves to keep the ball from going out of play. There are goals about the size of indoor football goals placed at both ends. 

The competition usually takes 40 minutes. The primary aim of the game is to achieve the highest possible goal count, and the team with the most goals at the end wins. 

As a player, you are only allowed to move the ball using the bike. You can choose to shoot using the front wheel, back wheel or your head but using hands is a big NO. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to utilize his hands within the penalty area. 

If your foot makes contact with the ground, a penalty is incurred. Can you imagine how much strength it takes to ensure balance? That’s rad. 

Introduced in 1893 by German-American Nicholas Edward Kaufmann, Cycle Ball saw its inaugural world championships in 1929. This unique sport has gained popularity in countries such as Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, and Switzerland. 

Viewers’ Reaction

While most were amused, some admitted how challenging this sport can be. One user stated, “Obviously, you have to have some great riding skills to excel in this sport, especially keeping your balance while trying to maintain possession. Even so, it’s nice to occasionally see a younger generation integrating angled dribbles or no-look passes, moves that have long been taken for granted in soccer and basketball”. 

Generally, X users commented on how dangerous this sport can be. Well, I agree with them since the risk of falling off the bike is huge!


Cycle ball is not as widely known or played as mainstream sports, but it has a dedicated community of players and enthusiasts in certain regions. The sport requires a combination of cycling skills, teamwork, and ball control, making it a challenging and entertaining activity for those involved.


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