Father From Hell: Incest And Murder, The Gruesome Case Of Ritual


A 57-year-old father and his 25-year-old daughter were arrested to assist in an investigation when two cleaning workers found objects suspected to be human bones on 15 June 2023.

This case takes place in Banyumas, Java in Indonesia. I read the case on several Twitter threads and come up with the following timeline:

The Beginning of the Nightmare

The case occurred sometime in 2012 when the father, identified as R, was told by a witch doctor to rape his daughter, known as E, who was then age 14 years old. The heinous act continued until a year later, the daughter found herself to be pregnant.

From 2013 until 2021, a total of SEVEN babies, the direct result of incest, were killed.

The Method

The father’s third wife, S, was aware of the misfortune that had befallen E. The woman, S, assisted with the delivery of those unfortunate babies. However, she could not do anything as R threaten to kill her if she were to report it to the authorities.

According to the threads, as soon as the babies were delivered, R would smother them with a cloth. He, then, would bury the babies somewhere in orchard areas. Out of the seven babies, five were males while the rest were females.

What’s Happening Now

As of 28 June 2023, only four human skeletons were found. The investigation is still ongoing. The father’s confession is being investigated so as to identify whether the witch doctor’s advice was true or fictitious.

The motive of the case is reported as a part of a ritual. In 2011, R visited a witch doctor in Central Java province who advised him to rape his own daughter if he wanted to get rich. According to Eddy Suranta Sitepu, the Chief Police of Banyumas, should the daughter get pregnant, the baby should be buried alive and it had to be done seven times.


This shocked the entire nation due to its gruesome nature. It involves rape, incest as well as infanticide. Many online users were surprised and furious as soon as they read about it. Many described the father as “a father from hell” and wish him to rot in one.

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