Experiencing The Bottom Of The Life Wheel? Do Not Raise That White-Flag Yet

ByAzleen Abdul Rahim

Recently I noticed there are several posts here on LinkedIn that sounded either like a white-flag one, or almost. Yes, they sounded a little desperate. They are actively seeking help. From what I read, many of them are skilled people. They can write and articulate their stories well. It’s just that luck is not on their side at the moment when it comes to securing a job or earning a decent income to survive. That’s all.

That is okay.

Life is like that, sometimes we are up there and sometimes we are down there. Whatever it is, I like people who keep on pushing themselves forward no matter how difficult the financial situation is. To me, the chances of getting what we want will go down to zero per cent if we throw the towel just like that and call it quits. But if we insist on waking up every single morning refusing to quit, there are always better chances that we’re going to make it and come back stronger.

Probably I can help you—in my own little way. I’m no expert in giving advice on career, nor in a position to offer you a permanent job. I’m pretty much into marketing strategy, internet business and entrepreneurship actually. Here, I happened to have a vast knowledge, experience and ideas.

I know what it takes to be able to generate income through internet business and entrepreneurship. I know what it takes to market things and make people buy. And I also know how to build a bootstrapping business that can be started with zero or almost-zero capital and make it generate a decent income month-in-month-out quietly out of that.

To the white-flag bearer, listen up. While waiting for the right career opportunity to arrive at the doorstep, perhaps you should consider earning some money this way first—entrepreneurship. All you need is just a bit of guidance and ideas on how to run the business right, quickly and bypass all those expensive mistakes along the way. Focus on acquiring a small income regularly first and gradually increase it moving forward.

I can help you with that. We can brainstorm this together to find the answer. I’m doing this for free as part of my way of giving back to the community. DM me on LinkedIn if you need this.

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