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    Egg Shortage Causes Major Restaurants In Japan To Suspend Menus

    This decision comes amid concerns over rising egg prices and supply chain disruptions caused by the avian flu outbreak, which has led to a shortage of eggs in the country.

    Credit research firm Teikoku Databank Ltd. announced on April 6 that around 30% of the 100 listed companies in Japan’s restaurant industry have opted to suspend parts of their menu that contain eggs starting in 2023. The decision is attributed to concerns over the bird flu outbreak, which has caused a surge in egg prices and supply chain disruptions, leading to an egg shortage in the country.

    The survey which was conducted on April 5 revealed that 28 restaurant giants in Japan have decided to suspend serving egg dishes, such as Chinese food, pancakes, and savory steamed egg custard due to the bird flu outbreak. This is an increase of 10 companies from the previous survey conducted in March. The reason provided by the restaurants is attributed to the “severe egg shortage” and “soaring prices.”

    Companies are importing processed egg products and exploring alternative menus. Despite their efforts, wholesale egg prices continue to rise, leading to a situation where even more companies may decide to suspend egg dishes in the future.

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