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    Dubai Launches “Talabots” For Contactless Food Delivery

    Experience the future of food delivery with Dubai’s “Talabots”. These advanced robots use cutting-edge technology to deliver meals safely and efficiently.

    Image | Khaleej Times

    Introducing a new food delivery service in Dubai that utilizes robots called “Talabots.” Designed to navigate the city’s sidewalks and pedestrian areas and deliver food to customers within a 3-kilometer radius.

    Dubai Talabot contactless food delivery robot

    Image | Khaleej Times

    Customers can use a mobile app to place an order and track the progress of their delivery. Once the Talabot arrives, the customer receives a notification and can retrieve their food by entering a code on the robot’s screen.

    Dubai’s “Talabots”: The Future of Food Delivery

    Dubai Talabot contactless food delivery robots in line

    Image | Khaleej Times

    The Talabots are equipped with advanced sensors and mapping technology to ensure safe and efficient navigation. They also have cameras and microphones to communicate with customers and human operators.

    The service is a collaboration between Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the tech company Dejbox. It is part of a larger initiative to promote the use of technology in the city’s transport and logistics infrastructure.

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