Do Not Go Near The Water, You Will Drown!

ByDianna Toh

Don’t go near the water, you will drown! That was the message we got when we were young. As such all my siblings do not know how to swim and do not go near the water. With great love and respect to the person who gave that message, it was given with full love. And that message was given based on that person’s memories and the same strategy was imposed when that person was young, and it’s generational.

The message intended to keep us safe due to an unfortunate event in which one of our family members nearly drowned. While the words carry well-meaning intentions, this cautionary advice has become a hindrance and a source of Limiting Beliefs.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen if there is a flood (which have been happened before in Malaysia) and my siblings need to evacuate their car and swim to safety.

When I was younger, I was intimidated by the sea and lakes, and the thought of being on a boat or ferry filled me with anxiety. However, after deciding to conquer my fear and learn how to swim as an adult, this apprehension began to fade away. And the rest was history.

I have since found fascination with snorkelling with the turtles and was astounded by the calmness of the undersea when I went on a discovery scuba diving.

A rational solution would be for every family member to learn how to swim – instead of completely avoiding any contact with water. This problem-solving strategy focuses on avoidance rather than a solution-oriented approach.

Many of us live with our Limiting beliefs, imposed on us when we are young, when we do not have our critical thinking skills. We absorb everything like a sponge, not knowing our parents are humans too and they are not perfect.

The Limiting beliefs sometimes become a self-fulfilling prophecy. As adults, we know that to get over that limiting belief is to learn to swim, but sometimes it’s easier to just blame our parents than to get over our fear of swimming and the fear of being judged.

Do you have any limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Such as a fear of being judged or feeling inadequate when it comes to achieving success in your personal and professional life. These limiting beliefs can impede your progress and restrict you from reaching your full potential. It’s important to identify any restricting thoughts that you may have to overcome them.

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