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    Dear Malaysian Politicians, Let Us Be One. A Call For Collaboration For The Sake Of Economic Progress

    This is because I love my country

    As a concerned citizen of Malaysia, I feel obliged to address the current state of our nation’s economy. In order to propel our country forward, it is imperative that all political parties set aside their differences and come together for the greater good. My intention in this article is aimed to emphasize the importance of unity and collaboration among political parties in Malaysia.

    Building the Economic Task Force

    To begin with, I strongly suggest the formation of an Economic Task Force, comprising representatives from each political party. This task force should serve as a platform for constructive brainstorming sessions, where talented individuals from different backgrounds can pool their expertise and devise effective strategies to address the economic challenges we face.

    Beyond Party Politics. It is crucial to recognize that the economic condition and welfare of the people transcend party lines. Regardless of whether a party is in power or in the opposition, we are all Malaysians with a shared responsibility to ensure the well-being of our nation. We must move beyond political affiliations and work together as one united force.

    Nurturing Collaboration. While political parties may have varying ideologies and aspirations, it is essential to embrace these differences and channel them towards constructive collaboration. Rather than focusing on fault-finding and finger-pointing, let us foster an environment where diverse perspectives are valued and contribute to the overall progress of our country.

    Prioritising Sustainability. The sustainability of our people, economy, and future generations must be at the forefront of our efforts. We need to find common ground and address pressing issues such as the escalating cost of goods, employment opportunities, climate change, education, and the welfare of our citizens. By prioritizing these areas, we can lay a solid foundation for a prosperous and sustainable Malaysia.

    Harnessing Expertise. Every political party boasts individuals with expertise in various fields. It is imperative to bring these experts together, transcending political ideologies, and create a platform for meaningful discussions. By doing so, we can tap into a wealth of knowledge and insights, fostering innovation and devising initiatives that benefit all Malaysians.


    Here are some steps I am proposing.

    Selecting Representatives with Expertise

    Every political party should carefully consider and elect representatives who possess expertise in key areas such as economics, education, organizational and community growth, and international relations. These representatives should be individuals who have a deep understanding of the respective fields and can contribute valuable insights to the task force.

    Formation of the Economic Task Force

    Once the representatives are elected, they will come together to form the Malaysia Economic Task Force. This task force will serve as a platform for collaborative discussions and strategic planning aimed at addressing economic challenges and fostering national economic transformation.

    Develop a Strategic Plan

    The task force will work collectively to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines the goals, objectives, and initiatives for the next 12, 18, 24, 36 and 60 months. This plan should take into account various factors such as economic indicators, social needs, and long-term development objectives.

    Citizens Engagement

    To ensure the inclusivity and effectiveness of the strategic plan, citizen engagements should be conducted. This can involve town hall meetings, surveys, focus groups, and consultations with various stakeholders. Through these engagements, the task force can gather feedback, ideas, and concerns from the public, allowing for a more holistic and well-informed approach to economic transformation.

    Detailed Initiatives and Activities

    Based on the strategic plan and input from citizen engagements, the task force will proceed to develop detailed initiatives and activities to implement the proposed strategies. These initiatives can include policy reforms, investment incentives, infrastructure development, educational reforms, and community-building programs. Each initiative should be aligned with the overall goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan.

    Execution and Monitoring

    With the initiatives and activities in place, it is crucial to establish a robust execution and monitoring framework. This includes assigning responsibilities, setting timelines, and regularly evaluating the progress and impact of the initiatives. The task force should ensure effective implementation and make necessary adjustments along the way to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

    Continuous Assessment and Adaptation

    As the economic transformation efforts progress, it is important to continuously assess and adapt strategies based on changing circumstances and emerging opportunities. Regular evaluations and reviews should be conducted to identify areas of improvement and refine the approach as needed. This iterative process will enable the task force to respond effectively to evolving challenges and maximize the potential for economic growth and development.

    Tighten up the broken links

    By following these steps, political parties can work together through the Economic Task Force to develop a cohesive and comprehensive plan for national economic transformation. Through citizen engagements and a commitment to execution and monitoring, the initiatives can be implemented effectively, fostering sustainable economic growth and addressing the needs of the nation.

    The presence of broken links between the federal government and the state chief ministers is a concerning issue that needs to be addressed. It is crucial for political leaders to set aside their ideological differences and prioritize the well-being of the people and the nation as a whole.

    To foster better collaboration and synergy, the Economic Task Force should take the initiative to engage with each Chief Minister from every state. By involving the state leaders in the decision-making process and actively seeking their input, the task force can ensure that the economic development plans are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each state.

    In these meetings, it is essential for all politicians to approach the discussions with maturity and a genuine commitment to finding common ground. They should be willing to set aside personal and party interests and focus on the greater goal of nurturing the economic growth and prosperity of each state.

    By working together in a constructive and inclusive manner, politicians can foster a sense of unity and cooperation that transcends political boundaries. This collaborative approach will not only strengthen the ties between the federal and state governments but also demonstrate a shared commitment to the betterment of Malaysia and its people.

    Focus the energy towards a better Malaysia than wasting time attacking one another

    It is my sincere hope that all politicians involved will rise above their differences and act in the best interest of the rakyat. By embracing a mature and responsible attitude, they can pave the way for a better Malaysia, where economic opportunities are maximized, the welfare of the people is prioritized, and the nation as a whole can thrive.

    In order to foster a sense of unity and cooperation among Malaysians, it is crucial to draw inspiration from the collective support and solidarity demonstrated during significant sporting events. For instance, during the badminton competitions where the nation rallied behind Lee Chong Wei, or when Azizulhasni Awang achieved remarkable success as the “Pocket Rocketman” in the Keirin World Championship, Malaysians set aside their differences and came together to support their fellow countrymen.

    The government can take a valuable lesson from these instances of unity and apply it to the political landscape. Just as Malaysians unite to cheer for their athletes, it is imperative for all parties and politicians to recognize that the true adversary is the economic situation facing the nation. By viewing the economy as the common enemy, it becomes apparent that collaboration and cooperation are essential for driving Malaysia’s progress.

    Political parties, regardless of their ideologies or affiliations, should shift their mindset from seeing one another as rivals to embracing the role of teammates. Just as athletes complement each other’s strengths on the field, political parties should work together to leverage their unique capabilities and expertise for the betterment of the nation.

    During election campaigns, parties often emphasize their commitment to providing better service to the nation. By translating these promises into action through collaborative efforts, parties can demonstrate their sincerity and dedication to serving the people.


    It is my recommendation to the government that they promote a culture of unity and teamwork among political parties. Encouraging open dialogue, fostering mutual respect, and recognizing that the common goal is a prosperous and thriving Malaysia will lay the foundation for effective collaboration.

    By embracing the spirit of togetherness and complementing each other’s strengths, politicians can collectively overcome challenges, develop innovative solutions, and drive the nation towards economic growth and social progress. Together, we can build a stronger Malaysia that benefits all its citizens.

    I truly hope that the future of our nation hinges upon our ability to collaborate and unite as Malaysians. The challenges we face require collective efforts, transcending political divisions and placing our shared interests at the forefront. Let us work hand in hand, setting aside our differences, and focus on building a prosperous and sustainable Malaysia for generations to come.

    I love Malaysia!

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