With support and perseverance, even the toughest situations can be navigated.
Explore the scenario of facing a T-Rex, but also other dangerous animals in the wild.
This happened several days ago when I was in the depths of my coughing fit. My hand phone pinged and...
Today, on International Women’s Day, let's delve into some of the region's important female scientists. 
Many found it insightful, while others responded humorously, perceiving it as a playful "clapback" from Samsung to Apple.
It's fascinating and, frankly, I enjoy it.
Embrace The Power Of I don't know.
I do not understand how owning a cup gives us some sort of identity.
Forget anti-ageing, teens on TikTok are all about #prejuvenation.
This is the story of internet sleuth done right. It is funny when the X-Files, a television series that solves...
The Curious Case of Madamoiselle X And Warren McKinlay The year was 1880. On one fine afternoon, Dr Jules Cotard...
The sight of these ‘eggs’ is really interesting. It’s brown and white and it kind of reminds us of pre-historic...
Dinosaur Egg: The Story Of World's Rarest Salt
https://twitter.com/Rainmaker1973/status/1729536198991847787 Do you like football but feel like it is too easy for you? If you would like something more...
Football But On Bike? The Interesting Cycle Ball Sport
Introduction The correlation between success and mental illness is like peanut butter and jelly. There’s a long list of famous...
5 Famous People With Mental Illness And Their Take On Them
I have been writing on various types of mediums as far as I can remember. Unlike others, I did not...
Jean-Claude Romand had worked as a medical doctor and researcher for World Health Organisation in Geneva. Like any traditional husband,...
Why Some People Can Live A Lie Their Whole Life?
ChatGPT has been around for quite a while now. Since it has been open to the public, this AI generative...
ChatGPT Latest Function Is A Tremendous Breakthrough In The World of AI
Faked food is an umbrella term to describe various concepts and practices related to food. Most of the faked food...
6 Most Faked Food You Probably Have In Your Kitchen
On 3rd September 2023, DailyPost tweeted a short tweet about a new singer, Noonoouri, along with a short clip of...
Virtual AI Influencer, Noonoouri, Is Now A Pop Singer
Khairul Aming is not a new name in the influencers industry. He is well-known for his laid-back speech while teaching...
Why Khairul Aming's Win At TikTok Awards Malaysia Is Significant To The Youngsters
The legend of Lady in White appeared in many parts of the world. The term refers to a type of...
Women In White. Her Spooky Influence On Cultures Around The World
From Taylor Swift to Nelson Mandela... I explore the personal effects journaling has had on their success.
Journaling. Why Successful People Swear By It.
Creative activities help to fight anxiety since it activates the parts of our brains that process emotions.
Is Blogging Still Relevant? 5 Top Reasons People Still Blog
So last week, after spending an hour doing a BODYPUMP workout (imagine weightlift plus cardio), my body hurt all over...
Overcoming Writer's Block Through Movement- Yes, We're Talking Exercise
Viewers commented the movie was clever, humorous and tragic combined with an excellent overall theme.
Barbie The Movie- A Perfect Definition Of Success
"When you grow up poor you generally experience less positivity in your day-to-day life."
You Are Wearing Your Money On Your Face- Rich Versus Poor Face
Writing this piece is one hell of a ride.
Rebranding Of Twitter- The Twitter Saga Continues