China Clinches 13th Sudirman Cup Title In Emotion-Filled Victory

News Asia 360
ByNews Asia 360

China secures their 13th Sudirman Cup title in an emotional victory on home soil. After a hard-fought semifinal against Japan, the Chinese team dominated the final against South Korea with a commanding 3-0 win. Chen Yufei‘s victory in the decisive match sparked jubilation among the Chinese team as they celebrated their first badminton tournament at home since 2020.

Yufei’s Breakthrough, Zheng-Huang’s Dominance, and Shi Yuqi’s Excellence.

Chen Yufei | South China Morning Post

The triumph was highlighted by Yufei’s breakthrough win against An Se-young, ending her losing streak against the Korean player this year. China’s world No. 1 mixed doubles pair, Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong, also showcased their dominance by extending their undefeated record against Seo Seung-Jae and Chae Yu-Jung. Shi Yuqi’s solid performance in the men’s singles further contributed to China’s absolute supremacy in the Sudirman Cup.

This victory marked China’s third consecutive title in the world mixed team event, reaffirming its position as the powerhouse in badminton. South Korea, who had previously defeated China in the 2017 final, couldn’t replicate their success this time. China’s exceptional performance and emotional celebration highlighted the significance of their triumph on home ground.

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