Championing Resilience: microLEAP Sponsors Fugee School Teams for Faisal Cup 2024

ByAfif Azhar

In a heartening display of solidarity and support, microLEAP, Malaysia’s pioneering platform offering both Shariah-Compliant and Conventional Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing, proudly announces its sponsorship of the Fugee School’s boys and girls football teams for the upcoming Faisal Cup 2024. This sponsorship includes football jerseys, shorts, socks, boots, and goalkeeper gloves, equipping these young athletes to compete at their best.

The handover ceremony symbolises more than just a generous contribution; it underscores a profound commitment to uplift the spirits and lives of refugee children. As global attention often turns to the ongoing plight of Palestinian and Somalian refugees as well as other displaced communities worldwide, this initiative by microLEAP and Fugee School is a powerful reminder of the resilience and potential of refugee children everywhere.

Tunku Danny Nasaifuddin Mudzaffar, CEO and founder of microLEAP, expressed his enthusiasm during the event: “Today is more than just a handover ceremony; it’s a celebration of passion, determination, and the beautiful game of football. What the Fugee School is doing here is nothing short of incredible. Providing education and opportunities for refugee students is a noble mission. It’s about giving these young stars a chance to shine both on and off the pitch.”

microLEAP, a P2P Financing platform regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), is dedicated to providing alternative financing solutions by connecting investors (lenders) with issuers (borrowers). By offering P2P financing, microLEAP supports small businesses and fosters economic growth. “At microLEAP, we believe in the power of opportunities. Many children and families around the world face unimaginable hardships, often having to flee their homes due to conflict, violence, and persecution. Through sports, education, and community support, we can offer a sense of normality and a platform for these young individuals to dream big and achieve greatness,” Tunku Danny emphasised.

Since its establishment in 2009, Fugee School has been a beacon of hope for refugee children, offering access to education from KG to secondary school, as well as  support services. With over 200 students annually, the school’s holistic approach ensures that every child receives the academic, creative, and life skills needed to thrive. “As a non-profit with resource limitations we are deeply grateful for microLEAP’s sponsorship,” said Deborah Henry, co-founder of Fugee School. “Their support not only equips our football teams but also reinforces the importance of sports as a way to build peace between communities. It is a hopeful reminder to our students that they are valued and have potential beyond their current circumstances.”

The Faisal Cup is a sports tournament for refugee children in Malaysia to experience the joy, unity, and discipline of competitive sports. For many of these children, who face significant barriers to education and recreation, the Faisal Cup represents a rare and treasured opportunity to play, compete, and feel a sense of belonging.

The Faisal Cup was founded in memory of Faisal, a young refugee boy who tragically drowned while trying to retrieve a football from the Gombak river. His story is a stark reminder of the risks that underprivileged children face daily.

As microLEAP and Fugee School unite for the Faisal Cup 2024, they invite the community to join them in celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship, unity, and resilience. Tunku Danny encouraged the young athletes: “Today, microLEAP is proud to sponsor the Fugee School football team with new jerseys, new shorts, new football boots, new socks, and new goalkeeper gloves. We want to make sure you all look and feel like champions as you head into the Faisal Cup. Remember, it’s not just about winning; it’s about playing with heart, playing with pride, and playing for each other. You are representing your school, your community, and your dreams, so give it nothing but your best.”

For more information about microLEAP visit www.microleapasia.com.

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