The truth may set you free but to others, it is only delusion.
I wasn’t sure whether I should write this.  I don’t know whether people would even care.  Or if this would......
  In the fields of Perlis, where the rice paddies sway, Lived a kampung boy with dreams to light his......
It took me 340+ hours. Yet, I’m still glad I did it.
I have been writing on various types of mediums as far as I can remember. Unlike others, I did not......
“This book feels like a… punch in your face.” At first, that was my thought too. I am always a......
Healing Through the Pages: Exploring Trauma and Grief in Not Here to Stay by N.F Afrina.
From Taylor Swift to Nelson Mandela... I explore the personal effects journaling has had on their success.
Journaling. Why Successful People Swear By It.
Creative activities help to fight anxiety since it activates the parts of our brains that process emotions.
Is Blogging Still Relevant? 5 Top Reasons People Still Blog
So last week, after spending an hour doing a BODYPUMP workout (imagine weightlift plus cardio), my body hurt all over...
Overcoming Writer's Block Through Movement- Yes, We're Talking Exercise
I am going to give this idea of writing through a newsletter a shot and see.
I Just Realised Writing Can Actually Help Me Grow Sustainable Passive Income
"When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end, except three things: The ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge put...
Why I Write

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