It revolves around the concept of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)
NPC TikTok Trend- Is It A Fetish Or Pure Entertainment?
According to the user, she learned about the treatment from Instagram ads.
Skin Treatment Gone Wrong- A Woman's Confession Of The Pico Laser Treatment
It's exploding actually. What the heck is going on here?
The Rise Of Coffee Culture In Asia
The global chip shortage and the environment post-pandemic has shifted commuting behaviour among Japanese youth.
Used Car Subscriptions A Hit Among Japanese Youth
Discover the future with AI & cutting-edge tech. Stay ahead of the curve & unlock limitless potential
Transformation For Our Screens, Cities And Reality: What To Expect From Tech In 2023 And Beyond
By understanding the impact of AI, we can prepare for the changes that lie ahead and ensure that we are...
The Rise Of AI- Which Jobs Are In Danger?
The rules of the game have been changed and will continue to be changed and affect everyone.
Differentiation Strategy- What It Is, Why It's Critical
That's 1.3 cups of coffee for every adult in South Korea each day!
South Korea’s Coffee Imports Hit All-Time High In 2022
There is pressure from all directions for Google to take this drastic move.
What You Need To Know About Google's Recent 12,000 Layoffs
These convergent trends pose serious risks to the Malaysian economy particularly, as identified by TalentCorp’s Critical Occupation List.
The Hidden Talent Crunch That Could Derail Malaysian Companies
Forbes has suggested 3 steps ought to be taken in order to stay relevant.
How To Stay Relevant For Today And The Future Of Work
PwC report titled Climate Tech Investment Index was released in early November 2022
PwC- More Than A Quarter Of VC Funding Goes To Climate-Tech In 2022
There’s no point to keep on extending the start-ups’ runaways when there is no profitability in sight.
Venture Capital Firms In Southeast Asia Are Becoming Stricter In 2023 Than In 2022
Discover how sharing your relationship aspirations can be hot and trendy with Tinder's latest addition.
Silhouette of a man and a woman with sunset backgroung
Alongside the main list, YouGov also released the top ten most improved brands ranking for the financial services sector.
Digital Wallets And Online Payment Platforms Dominate YouGov's Bank And Payment Brand Rankings 2022 In Malaysia
Tourism is a key driver of Thailand’s economy, which is the second-largest in Southeast Asia.
Thailand Exceeds Tourism Goal With Over 10 Million Foreign Arrivals In 2022
Wealthier people had a less negative experience nevertheless.
Survey- Most Southeast Asians Are Spending Less, Thanks To Inflation
Netflix is now cracking down to strictly ensure that accounts can only be associated with one household.
Netflix Is Ending The Policy Of Allowing Password Sharing
Discover the lates global discount trends on a wide range of products with our insider tips and tricks. Stay ahead...
DataFeedWatch by Cart.com surveyed 14.000 online stores across 60 countries - global discount
This is according to data from the IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report, prepared by PwC.
Digital Advertising Industry Continues To Grow Despite Uncertain Macroeconomic Conditions
Second round ties also beginning to become clear.
Brazil Stronger Favourites, 8 Teams Nearly In Last-16
More than two in five would consider installing triple glazing or solar panels
Brits Think Cutting At-Home Energy Usage Is The Best Way To Save The Planet
In partnership with Catalina, the study explores how a major consumer packaged goods brand drives sales through the use of...
IAS, In-View Ads Tripled The Return On Ad Spend Compared To Not-In-View-Placements

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