This happened several days ago when I was in the depths of my coughing fit. My hand phone pinged and......
For years, we’ve pretty much bought the doctrine of their one-sided narratives.
300th: A Haven For Critical-Thinking And Thought-Provoking Content
This raises concerns about the potential influence of social media on young people's health and eating habits
FoodPorn Images Linked to Mood Cravings and Poor Food Choices Study Raises Concerns for Young People
If we insist on waking up every single morning refusing to quit, there are always better chances that we're going...
Experiencing The Bottom Of The Life Wheel? Do Not Raise That White-Flag Yet
Forget anti-ageing, teens on TikTok are all about #prejuvenation.
Writing this piece is one hell of a ride.
Rebranding Of Twitter- The Twitter Saga Continues
It revolves around the concept of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)
NPC TikTok Trend- Is It A Fetish Or Pure Entertainment?
I wonder whether LinkedIn wants to move away from being a professional platform in its hunt for more users.
The Personal Branding Bubble Is Destroying LinkedIn’s Credibility As A Professional Network
If you are new on Twitter and unverified, you can only read 300 posts per day.
Oops! Elon Musk Did It Again. He Plays With Our Hearts
This thing about being productive and working all the time, we are depriving many people of their income!
Being A Pro By Pro-crastinating
Exploring the need for approval on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.
We Are Living In The Hungry World Of Social Media Likes And Validation, And This Is Not Good
Since acquiring Twitter, Musk has made several changes to the platform in order to increase revenue. This comes as advertising...
Elon Musk- Twitter To Take 10 Per Cent Cut On Content Subscriptions After 12 Months
I deleted social media app on my mobile device a month ago, and I am going to quit social media...
I Believe, As An Entrepreneur, It's Possible For Me To Live Life Without Social Media
Since I'm not a Twitter Blue subscriber, my presence and tweets are no longer welcome.
I Noticed Twitter Is Slowly Making My Presence In The Platform Irrelevant

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