Embracing a more independent and diversified approach will bolster our resilience and set the stage for a thriving economy.
Malaysia Is Seen As A Politically-Driven Economy- A Personal Perspective
When functioning properly, democracy can promote political stability, safeguard individual freedoms, and foster societal progress.
Has Democracy Now Become A Disease?
A stringent policy to automatically revokes MPs who fail to achieve at least 85% of their manifesto's timeline within a...
Ensuring Accountability- The Need for Revoking MPs for Unfulfilled Manifesto Promises
I am intrigued to write about the state of Kedah. It is one of the states within Malaysia. Lately, Kedah......
Muhammad Sanusi- Aerotropolis To Transform And Bring The State Forward—The Greater Kedah 1
In almost-final results, Erdogan has secured a four-percentage point lead over Kemal Kilicdaroglu, his secular opposition candidate.
Turkiye’s Erdogan Is Officially Undefeated, Extending His Rule Until 2028
The flag march is a controversial event, as it passes through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, which is...
The Turkish lira had its steepest fall in 6 months, finishing at 19.67 against the US dollar- a closing low.
Turkiye's Financial Market Reacted Negatively After Erdogan's Strong Election Showing
Pita recently revealed that his coalition, along with five other opposition parties, will have a total of 310 seats in...
Thai Parties Meet For Coalition Talks To Form Government
In a no-nonsense weekly presidential letter, President Cyril Ramaphosa lambasted US Ambassador Reuben Brigety for making false accusations against South...
'We will not take sides' South African President Hits Back After False Accusation From The US
With almost all the ballots counted, it's clear that the liberal Move Forward Party and Pheu Thai Party are leading.
Thailand Election- Youth-led Move Forward Party Takes Stunning Lead, Military Parties Could Be On Their Way Out
As of Saturday, Congress has secured 114 seats in the 224-seat assembly.
India's Congress Party Defeats Narendra Modi's BJP In Key Indian State Of Karnataka
It covers discussions related to collaboration in establishing an electric car network, settling trades through local money and facilitating digital...
42nd ASEAN Summit Was A Success, Regional Cooperation Will Be Strengthened Further, Said PM Anwar Ibrahim
My favorite authors were Robert Ludlum, Paulo Coelho, and Eric Van Lustbader when it came to fiction.
Leaders Are Readers, Readers Are Leaders — Really?
Law enforcement officers have charged Singh and his allies with attempted murder, interference with governmental operations, and inciting animosity.
Indian Police Arrest Sikh Separatist, Amritpal Singh, After Month-Long Hunt
These developments may be linked to the recent thaw in relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Geopolitical Shifts In The Middle East- Syria And Yemen On The Path To Stability?
NHK reported that an individual had been arrested and accused of hampering the business operations on-site.
Japan PM Kishida Unhurt, Continues Campaigning After the Smoke Bomb Incident
An honest perspective about a man behind bars who was once the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Najib Razak, a cautionary tale for future leaders
Despite five hours of testimony from its CEO, lawmakers remain unconvinced and plan to restrict the platform.
The US Administration May Proceed To Ban TikTok
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has stated that despite Israel's presence at the Under-20 Football World Cup, no changes have been...
Jokowi- Foreign Policy On Palestine Remains Despite Israel Being The Participating Country Of The U-20 World Cup
According to Reuters, his return to China could decrease the worries of its private sector which had gone through a...
20th Anniversary Schwab Foundation Gala Dinner
Chun Woo-Won is exposing his entire family and friends close to him for financial corruption and drug abuse.
Image fea (2)
Rivalry between US and China heats up in the Pacific Islands with China sending a special envoy.
Image | Handout
"UFO's" have been spotted in Canada and the U.S. last week. Now, it's reported to have shown up in China's...
'The Supreme Leader' is reportedly in high spirits leading up to the annual military parade.
Kim Jong Un and family taking a group picture with high ranking military officials.
They were heading to Dubai from Tehran for a short trip.
Ali Daei- My Wife And Daughter Were Ordered To Disembark The Plane

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