In that bittersweet moment, a thought occurred to me – why not share this realization with others?
The Importance of Being Close to Our Parents
Amid a heightened emphasis to “do more with less”, agendas in the boardroom have shifted from growth to efficiency.
8 Predictions On Tech And Businesses In Southeast Asia In 2023
Elevate your social media communities in the metaverse and Web3 era with our expert strategies. Maximize engagement and growth while...
Elevating Social Media Communities In The Metaverse And Web3 Era
Data is key for personalisation, and personalisation is crucial for delivering better customer experiences
Data, Retail's Most Important Inventory
Malaysia's standing in the region and the world will be negatively impacted as a result of this uncertainty.
The Quandary That We Face!
"Brands are focusing more on micro-influencers 1,000 to 10,000 social media followers”
Why eCommerce Brands Are Moving Marketing Expenses From Influencers To Micro-Influencers?
It is all about building a long-term relationship with mutual benefits to both parties.
The Magic Of Storytelling
There’s more technology, more data and analysis, more creativity, more gamification, more critical thinking, and more problem-solving, today than ever...
Shaping The Future Of Manufacturing Powered By Next-Gen Workforce
I might not be able to change the world, but I can and will keep changing one life at a...
From Zero To Hero And The Power of Resilient
The long game of retention marketing will pay off with significant rewards
Retention Marketing The Strategy Brands Should Have Started Yesterday
Many organisations across Asia are now turning to graph data science to store data and generate insights
Why Graph Data Science Is Making An Impact In Asia
Life is relentlessly fast-paced and while there are no easy solutions, in the name of work-life balance I'm taking a...
Why I Now Take Fridays Off As A CEO
What we are witnessing right now is the aftermath of the proverbial perfect storm
A Spot Of Realisation
Don’t be afraid of change and always continue to test and try new strategies.
Redefining Business Priorities During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Reflections of an Entrepreneur 2
Small businesses are drowning in data, mainly due to the widespread belief that the worst thing you can do is...
3 Steps Small Businesses Can Take To Store And Manage Data More Cost-Effectively
Nurul Zulkifli, a homegrown Malaysian entrepreneur, reflects on her journey to success and shares tips for e-commerce businesses in Asia.
Taking A Malaysian Fashion Brand International
Consumers today expect digital interactions to be personal
Make The Digital Economy Personal
In today’s digital-first world, consumers expect every online and offline interaction to be contextually relevant and engaging
Why Marketing Certifications Are A Smart Investment For IT Professionals
How do brands harness the power of data to enhance campaigns?
Strengthening Data Strategies Will Profit Marketers 1

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