Shah Rukh Khan’s second blockbuster in 2023, Jawan has made its debut nationwide on 7th September.  Jawan received the magical......
A Review of Jawan (2023) : A Mission to Restore The Dignity of A Country and Its People
“Diversity doesn’t break up our society. It enriches it. So, let’s embrace it.”
Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway (2023) – A Mother's Love That Transcends Heaven and Earth
They believed this choice promotes “Afrocentrism” and takes away from Egypt's true history.
Netflix’s Cleopatra Faces Serious Backlash From The Eqyptians—Now They Want It Banned
Recently, it achieved the highest position in the charts of four countries namely Indonesia and Malaysia.
Doctor Cha Popularity Is Growing On Netflix, Made It To The Top 10 Of Non-English Series
Nelson's Tamil-language action comedy film will be in theatres on August 10.
Rajinikanth's Upcoming Movie, Jailer, Gets A Release Date
Hitting theatres near you in June 2023. Time for the Bots to roll out!
Transformers 2023 rise of the beast movie poster

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