In today’s dynamic business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires a deep understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and......
How To Establish Market Intelligence Unit In Your Company : Step by Step Guide
It basically involves deeply understanding customers, their expectations, pain points, and desires.
Why Businesses That Follow A Customer First Strategy Will Grow Sustainably
It is time to balance my online presence focus and plays social media a little less.
I Need To Talk About Searchability, Badly
Maximize conversions with the Buyers' Journey. Optimize your marketing efforts and engage customers from awareness to conversion. Unlock your business's...
From Awareness to Conversion Optimizing Your Marketing for the Buyers' Journey
I spent countless hours of reading, observing and testing all sorts of theories before I finally see the pattern, and...
Use This Minimalist Way To Market Your Business. It Is So Effective, You Will Forget About Others 1
We are barely scratching the surface of how AI and NLP can work together.
AI Meets NLP- The Ultimate Marketing Powerhouse
Get to know what it takes to write pieces people want to read.
Persuasive Writing: Techniques to Captivate Your Audience
Everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, has a personal brand or image that influences how others perceive...
Building Your Personal Brand- Tips And Strategies For Crafting The Brand Called ‘You’
Rather than focusing on improving one's strengths, Sun Tzu emphasized understanding the market and competitors.
How To Strategise Your Marketing Tactics Using The Sun Tzu’s Techniques
Ever wonder how search engines work? Get the layman's explanation here, made especially for non-technical readers.
hand pointing at search bar - The Ins and Outs of Search Engines: A Layman's Explanation.
Imagery can boost the effectiveness of a well crafted copy. Setting the scene and moving the minds and hearts of...
17/100 Days Of Copy: Visuals That Tell A Moving Story
Measuring the success of a marketing campaign is crucial for optimising your marketing strategy, improving your business outcomes, and remaining...
How to calculate the effectiveness of marketing activities?
By following these steps and consistently building your online presence, you can increase your visibility and authority online...
How To Get Your Name Captured By Google
I spend a lot of time figuring out how to grab it. Your attention I mean.
14/100 Days Of Copy: Grab it!
"To embrace the new wave of AI-generated content, starting today we've decided to halt all spending on third-party copywriters and...
Bluefocus, We’re Replacing Creative Workers With Generative AI
The many adverts we still talk about today, started out as a poorly written first draft.
10/100 Days Of Copy: The Pursuit of Perfection
One-size-fits-all mass mailing is the worst strategy ever,. Don't do this.
How To Start Email Marketing? Here Are 10 Simple Tips For You
If you plan to build a brand out of your business, remember this.
Businesses Don't Create Branding, Consumers Do
One thing for sure, branding is not just about corporate logos and colors.
Branding—Here Are Some Spectacular Points To Ponder
Climbers' kit and equipment are overrated, really.
Suit Up! We're Going Hiking!
Have you noticed? When you read copy you can hear a voice in your mind. It’s subtle but impacts your......
6/100 Days Of Copy: Voice in writing-4bb2-4258-83d1-e849023cb06a_1

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