Imagine walking into a room that has the lovely aroma of freshly bloomed flowers or being enveloped in a peaceful......
Aromatherapy and Well-being: Harnessing the Power of Scent in Your Daily Life
Shah Rukh Khan’s second blockbuster in 2023, Jawan has made its debut nationwide on 7th September.  Jawan received the magical......
A Review of Jawan (2023) : A Mission to Restore The Dignity of A Country and Its People
Create a house that reflects ageless refinement by embracing the beauty of each season.
Eternal Seasons: Timeless Home Decor For Year-Round Elegance
The heel-and-toe technique is an advanced driving technique used primarily during downshifting while braking into a corner.
How To Perform Heel-And-Toe In Advanced Driving, A Full Guide
Farhan is one of those people who furthered his studies, does his work and still follows his interests.
Will Smith Sell Spring Rolls? Donald Trump Cooks Javanese Dishes? Celebrities And Political Figures Reimagined As Commoners
"When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end, except three things: The ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge put...
Why I Write
Nadirah has been named by Prestige Malaysia as one of the Women of Power in Malaysia.
Exploring the need for approval on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.
We Are Living In The Hungry World Of Social Media Likes And Validation, And This Is Not Good
It's important to regularly read and engage with short stories, articles, and content that aligns with your personal interests.
How To Start Writing In 9 Simple Steps
On the day of the event, as many as 2.6 million tweets were tweeted. Very 'noisy' indeed.
Met Gala 2023 Top 5 Mentioned Celebrities- From Jennie's Waitress Outfit To Jared Leto's Gigantic Cat Costume
Recently I test-drove a Ferrari for one local newspaper.
Ferrari Is A Super Fast Car And Here's How To Tame It
An online survey conducted in January showed that fewer Japanese people want to have children, with government data revealing that...
Survey Says: Around 50% Of Bachelors Under 30 In Japan Have No Plans To Have Children
Both her daughter and granddaughter had a hard time controlling their fits of laughter at her reaction.
Unaware Of Granddaughter's Prank, Grandma Ended Up Praying To Ultraman For A Month
Being socially active can be an almost impossible task for introverts.
So, You Are An Extreme Introvert? Here Are Tips For You To Build Your Network
It is understood that the two thieves are husband and wife.
Cunning Thieves Went On Shopping Spree With Stolen Money
Yes, there are going to be challenges along the way but it will be worth it.
Investing In Yourself- How To Prioritize Your Own Financial Goals Over Keeping Up with Others
The beauty of this "12 Weeks" a year perspective is that you don't have to wait long to see the...
Resolution For 2023, This Is A Better Way To Nail It And I'm On It Now
Climbers' kit and equipment are overrated, really.
Suit Up! We're Going Hiking!
It has garnered 1.9 million views on Twitter.
Mental Health, Mental Help—The People Power
Find out how lady luck smiled on three lucky winners who shared a jaw-dropping $20 million jackpot in Western Australia's...
Three Winners Share $20M Jackpot in WA's Superdraw
It's understood that the child actress broke her hip bone after her spine was hit by a tripod's legs.
When Prank Goes Wrong, The Puteri Rafasya Story
Thoughts on the bitter truth of success.
My Monologue : When You Have Nothing
A personal experience of how I ended my toxic relationship with comparison.
Breaking Free from the Comparison Trap: How to Live a Fulfilling Life Without Overspending
Exposing the secret to keeping your love alive! Learn how prioritizing self-care can help you stay sane and maintain a...
How to practise self care in a relationship - couple lying in bed
I looked forward to seeing the flowers every morning.
African Tulip

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