Jean-Claude Romand had worked as a medical doctor and researcher for World Health Organisation in Geneva. Like any traditional husband,......
Why Some People Can Live A Lie Their Whole Life?
“This book feels like a… punch in your face.” At first, that was my thought too. I am always a......
Healing Through the Pages: Exploring Trauma and Grief in Not Here to Stay by N.F Afrina.
I didn’t realize I could cook for my daughter today. Cooking is not my cup of tea as I never......
Transformation promises us new possibilities?
I was a young junior field engineer, on my first assignment. On an oil drilling rig where I was not......
On a rig where I was not wanted.
It'll make "you ignore your mother-in-law who was walking behind you!"
When Does An Inadvertent Mistake Become Something Highly Slurpable?
Freelancing allowed me to free up most of my time, and take up only the work I want to do...
Revisiting And Rewriting My Bucket List
"When you grow up poor you generally experience less positivity in your day-to-day life."
You Are Wearing Your Money On Your Face- Rich Versus Poor Face
As we navigate our daily lives, we can apply these lessons from "A Man Called Otto" to make improvements in...
A Man Called Otto, A Tale Of Life Lessons And Inspirational Story
I wish I can go back in time, really, and work on these as early as I possibly could.
6 Main Things About Life I Wish I Could Travel Back In Time And Tell Myself
People may participate in Australia's vibrant urban farming industry and provide their experience with sustainable agriculture initiatives.
Urban Farming- Exploring Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives In Thriving Global Cities
Have a little faith in yourself and the journey you are in right now. Everything is going to be okay.
To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind
This thing about being productive and working all the time, we are depriving many people of their income!
Being A Pro By Pro-crastinating
His unwavering dedication, exceptional medical expertise, and genuine care have made him an indispensable part of our lives.
This mental shift involves developing a significant life perspective and it may not be for everyone.
The Art Of Making The World Chase After You Instead Of The Way Around 
This year, for my birthday wish, I want to make it more meaningful by writing an article on my 300th...
My Birthday Wish- Good Health, Happiness And A Better World
"Sex is like coffee, Saturday, salary and bonus, no matter whether we like it or not."
The Four Stage Of Sexual Relationship- Tips For Married Gentlemen Out There
This post has since gained 2.6 million views but the lesson to be learned is astounding.
Are You A Rebel Or A Stickler? Values To Be Learned From Going Against Authority
This annual celebration looks pretty artificial to me.
Mother's Day, Here Is The Reason Why I Don't Celebrate It
The term Metaverse is still entirely foreign among the general public today. Only those involved in technological activities know it.
Metaverse, A Technology That Is Changing The World
Growing up as someone who is considered the bad guy or a disappointment is not all bad.
Black Sheep Of The Family? This Is For You

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