I have encountered numerous leaders, particularly managers, general managers, company owners, and CEOs, who strongly believe in the merits of......
How To Handle Bosses Who Constantly Assign Multitasking At Workplace
Just got a WhatsApp message from a long-time friend in Kuala Lumpur, and he asked me to deliver a talk......
Adaptive Leadership: How To Adopt, Execute, Manage and Measure The Leadership Style.
Coaching has become an increasingly popular approach for personal and professional development, aiming to unlock one’s potential and drive growth.......
Questions to Unlock Company's Potential : A Guide for Founders and CEOs
When it comes to the success of a start-up, the roles of founders and CEOs play a crucial part in......
Roles of Founders and CEOs in Start-ups: Finding the Right Balance for Success
Throughout my professional journey, I have had the opportunity to interact with numerous CEOs and bosses who have a predilection......
Strategies for Managing Bosses' Love for Long and Frequent Meetings
As we navigate through the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prominent. From......
How To Adopt Artificial Intelligence: Step-by-step Guide For Entrepreneurs, Managers, and CEOs to Strategize Companies
In today’s dynamic business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires a deep understanding of market trends, consumer behavior, and......
How To Establish Market Intelligence Unit In Your Company : Step by Step Guide
Finding the right recipe between various traits and values is an essential pursuit for leaders in the dynamic landscape of...
Striking The Balance- The Traits Of Effective Leader
With job opportunities scarce and economic uncertainty looming, employees are left with limited options, causing them to endure a negative...
How To Deal With Difficult Bosses Who Embrace The Fear-Driven Work Culture
This training is designed to unlock the full potential of individuals and teams within the organization, fostering a culture of...
How To Build A Peak Performance Culture In Your Company
It may be the best course of action if one wants to work for the greater good, inspire colleagues, and...
Understanding Servant Leadership And The Significance Of Practice In Current Management Style
It will depend on determining what needs to be done and carrying it out with a sense of urgency—but not...
A CEO's First 100-Day Guide- Plan For Success
At its core, Servant Leadership is about putting the needs of others before your own.
What Is Servant Leadership And How To Adopt This Style Of Leadership
My favorite authors were Robert Ludlum, Paulo Coelho, and Eric Van Lustbader when it came to fiction.
Leaders Are Readers, Readers Are Leaders — Really?
By examining his leadership style, we can identify principles and practices that are applicable in modern-day organizations.
How To Emulate And Adopt Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Management And Leadership Style In Our Organization
Introvert leaders possess valuable talents that they can use to enhance their work and the lives of those they manage,...
How To Utilise Your Introvert Traits and Become Successful As A Great Leader
Big ideas are always seem impossible until they are done.
The Surprising Secrets To Building A Great Team
Toto Wolff is the Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team.
You Can't Be Mercedes Toto Wolff, But You Can Be A Great Leader Like Him Using These 5 Pointers
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
Why Are Our Academic Institutions Failing?
However controversial as he seems to find success, Elon Musk without a doubt stands apart as one of the most...
Elon Musk's Leadership Style- Here's How To Lead Like Him
Motorsports build a good skill set for those involved, including crews, drivers, organizers, and other individuals involved.
Life Lessons From Motorsports- How To Develop Character, Leadership, Mindset And Teamwork
I find the Muqaddimah to be a valuable and informative resource that offers profound insights and extensive knowledge.
I Read About Leadership From Ibn Khaldun's Book, Muqadimmah So That You Don't Have To. Here's My Take
"The Godfather" is a classic American crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and released in 1972.
These Are What I Learn From Godfather Movies
Starting as a leader to new managers can be an exciting but challenging task.
How to start being a leader to the newly appointed Managers.
It requires a combination of research, analysis, strategic thinking, and effective communication.
The Value Of Values- Shaping Your Business To Stay Relevant

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