With job opportunities scarce and economic uncertainty looming, employees are left with limited options, causing them to endure a negative...
How To Deal With Difficult Bosses Who Embrace The Fear-Driven Work Culture
Of these, 42% of millennials lead the way, followed by Gen Z (3%) and Gen X (29%)
Report- One In Two Malaysian Would Leave Job For Better Work-Life Balance
Working from home is not for everyone though, especially for those who lack discipline.
Working From Home Is Bad For Me? I Don't Think So
It helps us improve our interpersonal relationships, both personally and professionally.
The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace
Here are real-life cases and how you can respond to the situations as an employee.
When People Treat You Badly, There Is Something Wrong With Them, Not You!
The Japanese government will be establishing a “special highly skilled personnel system” to attract advanced skills from abroad.
Image | Government of Japan
A Chinese firm is winning internet points by having job applicants wear masks.
Image | Baidu
This is my personal view; hence, I would urge you to refer to the expert reports for better decision-making for...
A Solution To Elevate Your 2023 Employee Experience (EX) Strategy
These convergent trends pose serious risks to the Malaysian economy particularly, as identified by TalentCorp’s Critical Occupation List.
The Hidden Talent Crunch That Could Derail Malaysian Companies
Setting up people's functions within a company is not only about paying people to work
Here's How To Manage Business Challenges— People And Job Design
Companies that put the brakes on the new way of work risk pushing talent away which could negatively impact long-term...
Economic Uncertainty Threatens To Wind Back Pandemic Progress In The Workplace
“The reality is that many Singaporean professionals are burnt out"
Research- Stability And Job Security Are As Important As Salary For Talent Retention
73% said that an overwhelming workload leads to a poor work-life balance
Randstad, 37 Per Cent Of Malaysians Would Take A Pay Cut To Work From Home
Their top three reasons for leaving were better compensation, a lack of training and development, and a lack of work-life...
Skillsoft- More Than Half Of IT Professionals Likely To Pursue A New Position Within The Next Year
Gen Z will make up about 30 per cent of the world’s population. This group will encompass 27 per cent...
Can Digital Transformation Improve Employee Experience
This global report from ADB and LinkedIn highlights the issue discussed in-depth
Digital Skills And Jobs, A Shifting Landscape In The Asia Pacific
Half of employees surveyed in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines feel burnout from work at least a few times a...
Study- Singapore's Workforce Has The Poorest Mental Health, Job Satisfaction And Quality Of Life In The Region
The trend reflects a key paradigm shift and has the potential to indicate several changes in the workplace culture and...
How “Quiet Quitters” Are Quietly Shaping The Future Of Work
34 per cent of respondents would rather be jobless than feel unhappy at work.
Randstad Malaysia- Half Would Leave Their Jobs If They Can’t Enjoy Their Lives
People is one of the most important aspects of any business

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