The global electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly evolving, with different regions adopting distinct strategies to dominate the industry. China,...
The recent hike in diesel prices to RM3.35 per liter has sparked significant concern across various sectors in Malaysia. As...
  In recent times, Malaysia finds itself ensnared in a political quagmire as the current Prime Minister engages in a...
In the annals of Malaysia’s history, one name stands out as a beacon of economic transformation and progress: Tun Dr....
Azad and Tun Mahathir
Perhaps a more practical approach could help improve public opinion and do some actual good.
Reconsidering the Use of Police Outriders for Ministers: Prioritizing Hospitals and Understanding the People
Informed choices and decisions can be made which eventually will positively affect the service deliverables that drives efficiency.
Why The Data-Driven Decision-Making In The Public Sector Must Be Embraced
The Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations of 2005 in Malaysia govern the recycling and disposal of ELVs.
Challenges And Opportunities: Implementing An End-Of-Live Vehicles Program In Malaysia
There is no doubt that teachers play a vital role in shaping individuals for various professions.
Elevating Educators As A Highly Appreciated And Respected Profession In Malaysia
The electric vehicle or EV adoption policies are not truly user-friendly due to the high road tax rate that is...
What I Think EV Adoption Policies Should Be For Malaysia
But this doesn’t sit well with some family members of those who were murdered.
Malaysia Is Scrapping The Mandatory Death Penalty
Malaysia is a great country to start a business
How Can A Foreigner Start A Business In Malaysia?
I know, most business owners try to pay as little tax as possible.
Tax Evasion Versus Tax Avoidance, Definitions And Differences
According to Reuters, his return to China could decrease the worries of its private sector which had gone through a...
20th Anniversary Schwab Foundation Gala Dinner

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