Embracing a more independent and diversified approach will bolster our resilience and set the stage for a thriving economy.
Malaysia Is Seen As A Politically-Driven Economy- A Personal Perspective
Introduces new smart POS terminals, QashierX2 and QashierXS, to streamline payment processing
Qashier Launches SME Support Package To Boost Adoption Of Digital Payment Solutions In Singapore
"This move might even improve the quality of tourism in Indonesia."
Indonesia’s Visa Waiver Only Applies To Travellers From ASEAN Countries, Not Others
Creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment is crucial to engage students and foster their love for education.
Relieving The Burden- Addressing Homework Overload For The Primary Students In Malaysia
The state may be modest in size but holds immense potential waiting to be unlocked.
How Perlis Too Can Be Developed To Become A High-Income State Despite Being The Smallest State In Malaysia
Mayon is renowned for its almost perfect conical shape and has become a major tourism destination.
The Philippines' Mount Mayon Erupts: At Least 14,000 People Evacuated
The police arrested two Chinese suspects who ran a medical clinic nearby.
Ahyeong, A Korean Influencer, Identified As The Woman Whose Body Found In A Pond
May the legacy of that old house continue to inspire future generations, just as how it does to me.
Tourists that don't follow the expected conduct while visiting Bali may find themselves facing certain restricted conditions in the future.
After Kicking Out 136 Tourists, Bali Is Set To Reinvent Itself
This crisis cannot be attributed to a single factor or entity.
Who Is To Blame For Malaysia's Low Salary Crisis?
Of these, 42% of millennials lead the way, followed by Gen Z (3%) and Gen X (29%)
Report- One In Two Malaysian Would Leave Job For Better Work-Life Balance
The auditor general of Malaysia, year after year highlighted the “leakages”, but..
Malaysia, A Country That Wants To Play Big, But Sucks In Execution And Accountability
Tragic death follows dental extraction in Malaysia, prompting scrutiny on procedure safety. Family seeks investigation, while the Malaysian Dental Council...
I am intrigued to write about the state of Kedah. It is one of the states within Malaysia. Lately, Kedah......
Muhammad Sanusi- Aerotropolis To Transform And Bring The State Forward—The Greater Kedah 1
Achieved an impressive milestone, generating an unprecedented revenue of RM34 million.
Record-Breaking Revenue Malaysia's 'FF' Number Plate Series
Pita recently revealed that his coalition, along with five other opposition parties, will have a total of 310 seats in...
Thai Parties Meet For Coalition Talks To Form Government
With almost all the ballots counted, it's clear that the liberal Move Forward Party and Pheu Thai Party are leading.
Thailand Election- Youth-led Move Forward Party Takes Stunning Lead, Military Parties Could Be On Their Way Out
This is the greatest job cut witnessed by the Taiwanese firm since its commencement in Ho Chi Minh City back...
Pou Yuen Vietnam To Retrench 6,000 Workers Amid Falls In Orders For Adidas, Reebok Shoes
It covers discussions related to collaboration in establishing an electric car network, settling trades through local money and facilitating digital...
42nd ASEAN Summit Was A Success, Regional Cooperation Will Be Strengthened Further, Said PM Anwar Ibrahim
The university reported that they have disabled the connection to the list and made modifications.
1.16 Million Of Malaysia’s Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara Students' Information Leaked
BREN Esports coach cites packed schedule and leaked strategies as reasons for team's defeat in MPL PH playoffs
MPL PH Playoff 2023
The airline apologizes and arranges alternative flights, but passengers complain about lack of support
Customer complains SIA due to technical issues
Cece Asuncion, its founder, acknowledged that this endeavour wouldn't have been possible five years ago.
Slay Model Management, The First Trans Exclusive Model Agency, Is Now Open For Business
The electric vehicle or EV adoption policies are not truly user-friendly due to the high road tax rate that is...
What I Think EV Adoption Policies Should Be For Malaysia
From traditional Thai breakfasts to international favorites, our guide to the best breakfast in Bangkok has something to satisfy every...
A Foodie's Guide To The Best Breakfast In Bangkok

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