I have been involved as a jury member and business coach for various government and private agencies’ pitching sessions, including......
Having a Business Idea : A Guide to Starting a Business in Malaysia, Indonesia, or Asian Countries
Perhaps a more practical approach could help improve public opinion and do some actual good.
Reconsidering the Use of Police Outriders for Ministers: Prioritizing Hospitals and Understanding the People
Embracing a more independent and diversified approach will bolster our resilience and set the stage for a thriving economy.
Malaysia Is Seen As A Politically-Driven Economy- A Personal Perspective
Introduces new smart POS terminals, QashierX2 and QashierXS, to streamline payment processing
Qashier Launches SME Support Package To Boost Adoption Of Digital Payment Solutions In Singapore
It requires a combination of market understanding, adaptability, collaboration, and continuous learning.
Navigating Business In Asian Countries- Strategies For Adaptation
Beyond the mysticism and folklore, there might actually be some truth to the Yeti.
The story of the mystical Yeti
To ensure your online safety, it is important to avoid downloading APK files sent by someone or from unknown websites.
Beware Of WhatsApp Pink As It Scams Users And Steals Information From Devices
"This move might even improve the quality of tourism in Indonesia."
Indonesia’s Visa Waiver Only Applies To Travellers From ASEAN Countries, Not Others
Creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment is crucial to engage students and foster their love for education.
Relieving The Burden- Addressing Homework Overload For The Primary Students In Malaysia
This feature will be rolled out in beta mode to thousands more in the coming months before it is officially...
YouTube To Introduce “Test & Compare” Feature For You To Choose A Perfect Thumbnail
The Coast Guard confirmed this information during their recent press conference.
A Trip To Titanic Went So Wrong, All 5 Aboard Dead
It's the little things that make Bloodhounds a standout in the genre of action thrillers.
Netflix’s Bloodhounds- The Boxing, Bromance, Loan Sharks Get Beat Up, All-In-One Thriller
This can be easily activated by following a few simple steps.
Did You Know That You Can Now Silence Those Unknown Callers On WhatsApp?
In November 2018, Ghosn was arrested in Japan for committing serious offences such as breach of trust and misappropriation of...
Carlos Ghosn Sues Nissan For $1 Billion Over His 'Wrongful' Imprisonment
Nike made an announcement via Twitter about a potential collaboration with Fortnite.
Fortnite Is Teaming Up With Nike In A Gaming Collaboration
The state may be modest in size but holds immense potential waiting to be unlocked.
How Perlis Too Can Be Developed To Become A High-Income State Despite Being The Smallest State In Malaysia
It was reported that a shooting had taken place while some new members and potential applicants were taking part in...
Japan Army Base Shooting- 2 Instructors Shot Dead By A New Recruit
Now creators with 500 subscribers are allowed to apply for the program.
Guess What, Earning Money Is Now Easier If You Are A New YouTuber
SimInvestival is a regular program organized by SimInvest to educate the younger generation of Indonesians about investment and financial planning.
The Excitement Of SimInvestival Goes To Korea With The Presence Of V Of BTS
Mayon is renowned for its almost perfect conical shape and has become a major tourism destination.
The Philippines' Mount Mayon Erupts: At Least 14,000 People Evacuated
The police arrested two Chinese suspects who ran a medical clinic nearby.
Ahyeong, A Korean Influencer, Identified As The Woman Whose Body Found In A Pond

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