I embarked on my first investment journey with Wahed in November 2021. Wahed Invest is a robo-advisor focused on Sharia-compliant...
In today’s competitive retail landscape, offering flexible payment options is key to attracting and retaining customers. Equinox Buy Now, Pay...
The world of finance is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging to streamline processes and create opportunities. But for...
There once was a time when time was on our side. All that changed when we wanted everything instant and...
Screenshot-2024-06-27-at-5.31.39 PM
Equinox goes beyond traditional banking, offering a comprehensive and personalized financial experience tailored to your unique needs. Here’s what sets...
The Malaysian government’s mandatory e-invoicing implementation is underway, transforming how businesses create and manage invoices. This article serves as a...
The digital age has ushered in a new era for financial services in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia. Fueled by advancements...
Current trends show that many members of the Malaysian public make consistent use of credit cards and easy payment schemes...
I am going to give this idea of writing through a newsletter a shot and see.
I Just Realised Writing Can Actually Help Me Grow Sustainable Passive Income
As a matter of fact, not all customers are following the brands on social media or subscribe to their email...
You Don't Necessarily Need Big Followers, You Need Visitors To Make Money Online
Introduces new smart POS terminals, QashierX2 and QashierXS, to streamline payment processing
Qashier Launches SME Support Package To Boost Adoption Of Digital Payment Solutions In Singapore
Neo-banks have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among tech-savvy and digitally-oriented individuals.
I Asked ChatGPT About What Is Neo-Bank, And Here Is The Reply I Got
The last thing you want is to sell or exchange your precious time for money.
Here’s How You Too Can Earn Money While Vacationing
The 1-minute 30 seconds video has gained 1.7 million views with 130 comments from the netizens.
T20 Is B40? Is The Malaysian Income Classification Correct?
It offers valuable insights into the complex relationship between human behavior and finance.
The Psychology Of Money- Timeless Lessons
I know, most business owners try to pay as little tax as possible.
Tax Evasion Versus Tax Avoidance, Definitions And Differences
Yes, there are going to be challenges along the way but it will be worth it.
Investing In Yourself- How To Prioritize Your Own Financial Goals Over Keeping Up with Others
By making small changes to your spending habits, you can make it happen.
9 Money-Saving Hacks That Will Help You Reach Your Financial Goals 1
Think of an accountant as a business's financial GPS
Why A Savvy Accountant Is A Must-Have For Your Business Success
Ikhwan Hafiz is the Managing Partner of Ikhwan Group Consulting.
Ikhwan Hafiz On The Personal Finance And Investment Trends In Malaysia
Alongside the main list, YouGov also released the top ten most improved brands ranking for the financial services sector.
Digital Wallets And Online Payment Platforms Dominate YouGov's Bank And Payment Brand Rankings 2022 In Malaysia
Discover the lates global discount trends on a wide range of products with our insider tips and tricks. Stay ahead...
DataFeedWatch by Cart.com surveyed 14.000 online stores across 60 countries - global discount
Report showcases industry benchmark data to unleash financial digital transformation and innovation for global brands
Contentsquare- Desktop Beats Mobile In Financial Services Industry

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