The state can establish renowned Islamic institutions, colleges, and universities that offer specialized programs in Hadith, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Tafsir (Quranic...
Unlocking The Potential Of Perlis As A Hub Of Sunnah-Based Islamic Education
This narrow focus on exams can result in stigmatization and discrimination, with "less academically inclined" students being perceived as second...
Rethinking Education In Malaysia- Moving Beyond The Exam-Based Assessment
Let us reimagine education as a captivating journey, where students are actively involved, passionate about their subjects, and well-prepared for...
Rethinking Education In Malaysia: Encouraging Student Engagement Beyond The Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Exam
Creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment is crucial to engage students and foster their love for education.
Relieving The Burden- Addressing Homework Overload For The Primary Students In Malaysia
There is no doubt that teachers play a vital role in shaping individuals for various professions.
Elevating Educators As A Highly Appreciated And Respected Profession In Malaysia
Without classroom management techniques and software providing the necessary level of oversight and transparency, technology can become a hindrance to...
Building Student Engagement In Today’s Evolving Classroom
It is a fundamental human right and an essential part of education that empowers young people to make informed decisions...
Empowering Youth For A Better Tomorrow- The Importance Of Sex Education
An effective and powerful technique to help anyone learn quicker.
Feynman made an important way to show how tiny particles behave, called Feynman diagrams. He became famous around the world while he was alive. In 1999, Physics World asked 130 top physicists to vote for the greatest physicist of all time and Feynman was ranked seventh.
Nurturing young talent in pursuit of their dreams. Malaysian schoolkids are on their way to Spain to compete in the...
Malaysian Students Selected to Compete in Dance World Cup
The case for Autism in Malaysia from a practitioner's eyes.
Autism in Malaysia: The Number Is Rising But Are We Ready?
Universities need a professional fundraising team that is able to communicate the importance and purpose of the university, the challenges,...
Waqf For Higher Education's Financial Sustainability In Malaysia- The Challenges And Strategies

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