Hong Kong rose from sixth to fourth in the firm's annual rating of worldwide cities' data centre developments.
Corruption scandal involving one of the biggest coal miners in Mongolia sparked outrage.
Mongolians protest 2022
The oil and gas industry is always seen as a ‘dirty’ business and faces significantly higher ESG challenges that require...
ESG Impacts In Oil & Gas- Addressing Environmental, Social And Governance Challenges With Advanced Technologies
This is my personal view; hence, I would urge you to refer to the expert reports for better decision-making for...
A Solution To Elevate Your 2023 Employee Experience (EX) Strategy
The rules of the game have been changed and will continue to be changed and affect everyone.
Differentiation Strategy- What It Is, Why It's Critical
That's 1.3 cups of coffee for every adult in South Korea each day!
South Korea’s Coffee Imports Hit All-Time High In 2022
He is a billionaire CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, a US-based investment adviser firm.
Hindenburg’s Report On Adani Group Well Researched, Says Bill Ackman
Ikhwan Hafiz is the Managing Partner of Ikhwan Group Consulting.
Ikhwan Hafiz On The Personal Finance And Investment Trends In Malaysia
The spending rose 24 per cent to 21.8 trillion won or about $17.7 billion which translates to $325 per person.
South Koreans Are The World’s Biggest Luxury Spenders
These convergent trends pose serious risks to the Malaysian economy particularly, as identified by TalentCorp’s Critical Occupation List.
The Hidden Talent Crunch That Could Derail Malaysian Companies
They were paid the same price despite the rising costs and global pandemic.
Study- Top International Fashion Brands Exploiting Bangladesh Garment Workers With Unfair Practices
It was due to the payments made to clear off some of the country’s external debt
Pakistan Foreign Exchange Reserves Plummet To Its Lowest Since 2014
For the entire 2022, there were 20,822 food items’ prices went up in Japan.
Food Price May Increase In Japan This February, Again
This purchase grants Estée Lauder the rights to all of Ford's product lines.
Estée Lauder Announced Acquisition Of Tom Ford Brand For $2.3 Billion
The human impact of COVID-19 on Bali's low-paid workers and their inspiring efforts to improve their situation. Discover how they...
With Better Options In Hand After COVID-19 Laid-Off, Bali's Low-Paid Workers Are Now Demanding More
It’s about 1,000 per cent of their annual salaries.
Hyundai Oilbank's Employees To Receive 120-Month Bonuses
Stop worrying about things that are not within our control.
The Opportunities Are Endless
The most obvious signals are the soaring prices of raw materials and natural resources.
Kyodo News- About 50 Per Cent Companies In Japan Expect Economic Growth In 2023
The changes are necessary to ensure the reward program’s sustainability to meet the changing needs of its members.
Starbucks' 2023 Loyalty Program Will Make It Tougher For You To Entitle Free Drinks.
This effort is part of the initiatives to bring the population down in the capital city of Japan.
Government- Families Moving Out Of Tokyo Will Be Compensated Up To ¥1 Million
Surviving tough economic times is possible. Learn expert strategies for financial stability during a recession and thriving after it.
Man sitting in the dark inside a room with a laptop on
The insurance company ran the survey for two consecutive months in October and November 2022
The Gibraltar Life Insurance- Singles In Japan Have An Average Of $53,300 In Savings
Proton X50 and Proton X70 were the first batches of the shipment that took place last May 2022
Proton Shipped 1,000 Units Despite Re-Entering South Africa Only 2 Months Ago

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