Lim is an affluent individual but he refused to attempt to rejuvenate the business.
Genting Hong Kong Has Been Delisted From Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) 1
Rupees, as a currency, are said to be less undesirable in this negotiation due to many factors.
A Blow To Indian Importers As India, Russia Suspend Negotiations To Settle Trade In Rupees
This is the greatest job cut witnessed by the Taiwanese firm since its commencement in Ho Chi Minh City back...
Pou Yuen Vietnam To Retrench 6,000 Workers Amid Falls In Orders For Adidas, Reebok Shoes
It covers discussions related to collaboration in establishing an electric car network, settling trades through local money and facilitating digital...
42nd ASEAN Summit Was A Success, Regional Cooperation Will Be Strengthened Further, Said PM Anwar Ibrahim
Google earned $8.4 billion in revenue from Australia last year, while Twitter earned $19 million, highlighting the search giant's ability...
Twitter makes $19m from Australia, while Google channels billions offshore.
Recently, some of the most well-known businesses that have shut down are Porter Davis in the construction sector and Mahercorp.
'Insolvency Armageddon' Hits Australia As The Country Sees Number Of Failing Companies Double
Pakistan's media outlets have been abuzz with reports of chaos and stampede taking place in markets across the country.
Food Crisis In Pakistan- Serious Wheat Shortage May Lead To Bigger Problems—Anarchy 
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government has taken steps to maintain prices, even though its ultimate goal is to induce inflation.
Inflation In Japan Surpassed Expectations Again, Prompting BoJ To Hold A Meeting
These developments may be linked to the recent thaw in relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Geopolitical Shifts In The Middle East- Syria And Yemen On The Path To Stability?
Although South Korean parents are receiving financial incentives, experts argue that simply providing money will not solve the country's fertility...
South Korea Offers New Parents $10,500 To Combat Aging Population
Several political opponents of the government have also voiced out their disagreement with the action, referring to it as a...
Indian Government Can Now Legally “Fact-Check” And Delete Social Media Posts
It's been playing in my mind about this "gig economy", reluctance to go for higher studies, and youngsters becoming influencers.
Looking for a tropical paradise? Consider investing in your own private island in Queensland, Australia.
Queensland’s Best-Kept Secret :Discover Your Own Private Island
According to Reuters, his return to China could decrease the worries of its private sector which had gone through a...
20th Anniversary Schwab Foundation Gala Dinner
Mongolia will be exporting organic products to key countries in Europe after attending BioFach 2023.
Image | Wikimedia
Tax evasion investigations recorded a new high in undeclared income from the wealthy Japanese.
Image | Wikimedia
The Japanese government will be establishing a “special highly skilled personnel system” to attract advanced skills from abroad.
Image | Government of Japan
Efforts to increase tourism in Mongolia, the famed Eagle festival is held in Mongolia's prized capital.
Image | Wikimedia
It's exploding actually. What the heck is going on here?
The Rise Of Coffee Culture In Asia
Experience the future of food delivery with Dubai's "Talabots". These advanced robots use cutting-edge technology to deliver meals safely and...
59 million tonnes of lithium, critical for EV batteries, found in Jammu & Kashmir, a major boost for India's mineral...
Lithium Mine Discovered In Jammu and Kashmir, India

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