Elevate your social media communities in the metaverse and Web3 era with our expert strategies. Maximize engagement and growth while...
Elevating Social Media Communities In The Metaverse And Web3 Era
In partnership with Catalina, the study explores how a major consumer packaged goods brand drives sales through the use of...
IAS, In-View Ads Tripled The Return On Ad Spend Compared To Not-In-View-Placements
They provide the "money-making" mode, encourage users to earn money by recommending apps and creating content
How Did Social Media Apps Become Super Money Magnets In India
Data is key for personalisation, and personalisation is crucial for delivering better customer experiences
Data, Retail's Most Important Inventory
FYI, over half of all announced next-gen games are being created with Unreal Engine 5.1
As socialisation enters a new norm, apps that connect consumers were among those that grew in-app spending the most in...
These 10 Mobile App Genres Are Defying The Economic Downturn
Report by Talkwalker and Khoros highlights 10 most impactful social media trends including social commerce, metaverse, and sustainability 
Study, Metaverse And Social Commerce Conversations Are Trending With Southeast Asian Consumers
It is all about the people driving change for the organisation.
Digital Journey—What Can Happen During The Strategic Planning Stage
A new study by Lenovo and Google conducted with students and teachers from SMK Jalan Empat reveals that digital-based learning...
Study, Two-Thirds Of Students Are More Likely To Give And Receive Help Through Digital Learning
Know how consumer behaviour is changing in the media and entertainment verticals
How To Win Customer Engagement?
Report showcases industry benchmark data to unleash financial digital transformation and innovation for global brands
Contentsquare- Desktop Beats Mobile In Financial Services Industry
The State of Influence in Asia 22/23 report by AnyMind Group covers influencers and brands in 10 markets across Asia
TikTok Now Accounts For 1 Out Of 4 Influencers Marketing Campaigns In Asia
The data are based on 15,000 online stores from the US, Europe and the rest of the world
DataFeedWatch, Increasing Interest In Affiliate Channels, Irregularity Spotted
Stripe conducted a detailed review of the 100 top e-commerce websites in Malaysia, uncovering significant errors in the checkout pages...
Top Malaysian eCommerce Companies Leave Money On The Table With Basic Checkout Errors
Lack of bandwidth or expertise, long approval processes, and the rapidly changing market are major challenges for marketers today
Survey, Marketing Teams Are Increasingly Using Freelancers Amidst the Global Recession
Top breakout apps by downloads and monthly active users show LifeSG and Trust Bank SG at #1 and #2 respectively
data.ai, Singaporeans Spend More Than 5 Hours Daily In Apps—40% Increase In 2 Years
More than 30 world-class speakers inspired some 1,000 media industry and advertising players who attended the event to expose themselves...
APMF 2022- Transformation To Remain Relevant To Consumers
Gen Z will make up about 30 per cent of the world’s population. This group will encompass 27 per cent...
Can Digital Transformation Improve Employee Experience
This global report from ADB and LinkedIn highlights the issue discussed in-depth
Digital Skills And Jobs, A Shifting Landscape In The Asia Pacific
Upgrade your incredibly average Twitter game by combining videos, photos, and GIFs in one tweet. Learn how to create more...
You Can Now Have Videos, Photos And GIFs All In One Tweet
Witness the rising stars of the business world - Gen Z entrepreneurs! Get inspired by their unique perspectives, innovative ideas,...
gen z entrepreneur
Shoppers increasingly want to interact with brands through conversational messaging platforms like WhatsApp, but most prefer human agents over bots
Majority Of Singapore Shoppers Say They Will Make Purchases Directly Over WhatsApp
Over 70% of managers and employees agree that change has become the new constant in workplaces
Adobe's Future of Time Study, Continued Uncertainty Motivates Businesses to Increase Digitization, Collaboration
Dato' 'Aliyah Karen is the Founder of the Health On World Foundation Malaysia
Dato' 'Aliyah Karen of Yayasan Health On World YHOW
McLaren Racing is set to drop a 7-page comic NFT from 1st to 7th October 2022, starting at the Singapore...
McLaren NFT
In H1 of 2022, Discord ranked 4th for the Top Communication Apps by Downloads, worldwide, just behind Facebook Messenger
Discord Surpasses 500 Million Downloads Worldwide
According to the DataFeedWatch and Statista.com reports from 2022, apparel takes the lead in both the number of products on...
37% Of All Apparel Products Online Are On Sale
The research shows that Premium OTT streaming services (OTT) are clearly differentiated from videos viewed on social media or video-sharing...
AVIA Study- Premium OTT, Building Its Rightful Place In The Digital Market

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