This could mean serious consequences for our environment if we don't take any action soon.
Study- Asia’s April Heatwaves Were ‘30 Times More Likely’ Thanks To Climate Change
Severe weather with strong winds, rain and temperatures close to zero is expected to hit Western Australia next week, prompting...
severe-storm-in-Western-Australia- view-of-green-field- and-dark-sky
The electric vehicle or EV adoption policies are not truly user-friendly due to the high road tax rate that is...
What I Think EV Adoption Policies Should Be For Malaysia
As of 10 a.m. on April 12, broad regions of northern Kyushu were reported to have observed yellow dust originating...
Here Comes Mr Sandman: Yellow Dust Engulfs Northern Kyushu Heading For Eastern Japan
The oil and gas industry is always seen as a ‘dirty’ business and faces significantly higher ESG challenges that require...
ESG Impacts In Oil & Gas- Addressing Environmental, Social And Governance Challenges With Advanced Technologies
It refers to the cold air originating from the Arctic moving south from the North Pole.
Thanks To The Polar Vortex, Asia Is Now Experiencing A Very Cold Month
Insecticides that usually kill almost all mosquitoes can only kill approximately 7 per cent of them.
Research- Mosquitoes In Asia Is Getting Super-Resistant From Insecticides, New Ways To Control Them Needed
PwC report titled Climate Tech Investment Index was released in early November 2022
PwC- More Than A Quarter Of VC Funding Goes To Climate-Tech In 2022

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