Carlos Ghosn Sues Nissan For $1 Billion Over His ‘Wrongful’ Imprisonment

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ByNews Asia 360

Carlos Ghosn, the auto magnate, is taking legal action against Nissan and around a dozen individuals over his wrongful imprisonment in Japan and claims of false information which were spread against him. According to Associated Press as reported by the autoblog.com portal, this was confirmed by Lebanese officials on Tuesday.

Ghosn’s lawsuit has reportedly alleged that Nissan and those responsible for his imprisonment had defamed and falsely charged him, leading to his incarceration in Japan.

Last month, anonymous judicial officials revealed that a lawsuit has been filed against Ghosn. Details of the case are kept confidential and no identity has been revealed concerning those he is accusing.

In November 2018, Ghosn was arrested in Japan for committing serious offences such as breach of trust and misappropriation of company assets for personal advantage and failure to disclose his remuneration accurately.

Representatives of Nissan and the individuals in question are expected to show up in Beirut or designate a Lebanese lawyer who will be responsible for representing them, according to judicial officials who were interviewed by The Associated Press.

Ghosn, aged 69, claims his innocence consistently and has maintained the same stance for 20 years as a Nissan and Renault executive. In December 2019, he dramatically escaped from Japan by hiding in a box that was transported out of the country via a private jet.


Inside Carlos Ghosn’s Unbelievable, Daring Escape | Bloomberg Originals

Three Americans are facing criminal charges in Japan for aiding former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn in his escape from the country.

Ghosn chose Lebanon as his residence due to its lack of an extradition treaty with Japan and its refusal to extradite its citizens. This is why he has been able to avoid prison despite the scandal. His citizenships in Lebanon, France and Brazil have saved him from being sent back to Japan against his will. Both Renault and Nissan have moved away from him ever since.

Lebanon has been notified three times by Interpol concerning pending arrest warrants in Japan and France for Ghosn. In France, he is facing a host of legal issues, such as tax dodging and alleged money laundering, fraud and misuse of corporate resources during his time atop the Renault-Nissan coalition.

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