Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! ‘Bob the Builder’ Movie Announced

ByThe Counter Journal

Building on the success of the record-breaking Barbie film, Mattel ventures into uncharted territory with the first-ever animated theatrical feature for the beloved “Bob the Builder” franchise. Anthony Ramos, lauded for his performance in “In the Heights,” lends his voice to Roberto “Bob” the Builder, embarking on a transformative journey to the sun-kissed shores of Puerto Rico.

More than just a construction project, Bob’s mission becomes a deeply personal exploration of community, resilience, and the true meaning of “building.” Under the guidance of renowned writer Felipe Vargas and the acclaimed animation studio ShadowMachine, this vibrant film delves into the rich tapestry of Caribbean-Latin culture, offering a heartwarming narrative that transcends bricks and mortar.

Mattel Films’ upcoming slate further expands with two exciting projects. Netflix brings back the iconic He-Man franchise with the animated series “Masters of the Universe: Revolution,” promising a return to fantastical battles and epic adventures. Meanwhile, renowned filmmaker Lena Dunham helms a live-action adaptation of the beloved 1980s doll, “Polly Pocket,” offering a contemporary reimagining of its miniature world.

Mattel Films revs up its cinematic engine with thrilling adaptations of iconic toys. Buckle up for American Girl, Hot Wheels, Barney, Magic 8 Ball and the list goes on.

Drawing upon the legacy of the popular British children’s series that ran for twelve seasons, Mattel Films presents a contemporary cinematic reimagining of Bob the Builder. Created by PAW Patrol writer Keith Chapman for Hit Entertainment and Hot Animation, the original series captivated young audiences with its wholesome themes of teamwork and problem-solving. This new film builds upon that foundation while offering a fresh and engaging experience for both established fans and newcomers alike.

In a strategic move aimed at expanding its preschool entertainment portfolio, Mattel Inc. acquired Hit Entertainment in 2011 for US$680 million. This acquisition significantly bolstered Mattel’s presence in the lucrative preschool market, adding iconic franchises like Thomas & Friends, Barney & Friends and many more.

Image — BBC

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