Nayab Iqbal

Being a mompreneur is not that easy and comes with its own set of challenges and roadblocks. But for those...
A photo of a woman holding a baby - mompreneur
The organisation currently has a team of thirty counsellors in Pakistan and twenty counsellors working for them internationally
Alizeh Valjee, The Pakistani Entrepreneur Making Mental Health Services Affordable And Accessible 1
Learn how Transparent Hands, a female entrepreneur, is revolutionizing Pakistan's healthcare sector. Discover her story and impact in this insightful...
Transparent Hands, A Female Entrepreneur Transforming Pakistan's Healthcare Sector 1
Her Pakistan was founded in May 2018 to provide access to quality menstrual products and promote awareness related to women's...
HER Pakistan Fighting Period Poverty 2
Starting an entrepreneurial venture is no doubt an exciting experience, but it also comes with its own fair share of...
Leap Of Confidence – An Inspiring Journey Of A Female Entrepreneur From Pakistan

Nayab Iqbal


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