Faizal Sohaimi

I was a young junior field engineer, on my first assignment. On an oil drilling rig where I was not...
On a rig where I was not wanted.
It'll make "you ignore your mother-in-law who was walking behind you!"
When Does An Inadvertent Mistake Become Something Highly Slurpable?
Freelancing allowed me to free up most of my time, and take up only the work I want to do...
Revisiting And Rewriting My Bucket List
This thing about being productive and working all the time, we are depriving many people of their income!
Being A Pro By Pro-crastinating
The auditor general of Malaysia, year after year highlighted the “leakages”, but..
Malaysia, A Country That Wants To Play Big, But Sucks In Execution And Accountability

Faizal Sohaimi


Engineer, salesman & entrepreneur. In this 3rd quarter of his life, he writes. Daily on LinkedIn & regularly on 300th on selling, business & “Malaysiana”.


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