Arshad Mahmud

On TikTok, I watched AsianBoss refuting rumours about them faking their videos. I was winding down for the day. I...
Is it working? Yes. Absolutely, the boycott is working.  Starbucks lost RM29 Million, McDonalds claims they lost RM6 Million, while...
What happened to Western media? It used to be inspiring, fun, and most importantly… good. They’ve stopped telling a good...
If you have nothing better to do, and you’re in the mood for some horror, then get your snacks ready...
There was barely any dialogue. No story. No script. Just gibberish. 
The vanity lasts until you drive. After that, the experience is all that matters.  

Arshad Mahmud


Advertising copywriter. This is my blog where I write about my many interests.


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