Bluefocus: We’re Replacing Creative Workers With Generative AI

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It appears that the days of machines (read: AI) taking over human jobs is coming sooner than expected. Alarmingly, one of China’s leading media and PR firms has actually embraced this trend by using generative AI to replace humans.

Bluefocus Intelligent Communications Group Co. is likely to set an example by replacing traditional copywriters and graphic designers with AI models. Given the benefits, other large corporations could also take a cue from them and switch to automated solutions.

According to Bloomberg News, a confidential memo shows that companies are replacing their external staff with powerful ChatGPT-like AI systems. This is great progress and will help to increase efficiency in the workplace by utilizing the latest technology.

“To embrace the new wave of AI-generated content, starting today we’ve decided to halt all spending on third-party copywriters and designers,” said the circulated internal memo.

Bluefocus Intelligent Communications Group Co has connected with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu Inc. to explore licensing its AI technology.

On Thursday, the news sent the company’s stocks soaring by 19%. However, the prices slipped more than 6% today.

As in the past, introducing a new technology that can automate certain tasks that were once done by humans may lead to some worries and anxieties. Generative AI, however, stands out among these technologies as being particularly concerning for many people.

Recent research conducted by Goldman Sachs found that around 25% of work tasks in the US and Europe could be replaced by AI systems; This represents a whopping 300 million jobs and could cause substantial turbulence in large economies. AI has the potential to automate 18% of all jobs in the world, with developed countries more likely to face a greater impact than emerging markets. Approximately 7% of employees in positions where AI can do at least half their daily tasks could be displaced due to the introduction of such technology.

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